Mr. Quicksilver, the trickster,  moves into Gemini on June 1st and goes to its home base re-kindling communication, writing and intellectual inquiry.  It is a complicated transit because it moves toward conjunction with Mars into June 18th and gets hit by aspects from Saturn exactly into June 16th and conjunct Rahu in the Mean Node System on June 14th.    This combination will create complicated  arguments and debates, miscommunications and potential cyber-crimes and deceptive communications from others.  The crux of the challenge will be more June 11-20th.   We have written more about the Mars/Mercury connection which goes for a while so read our earlier Astro-Weather forecast from earlier in the week.

Firstly, Mercury moves into the star constellation of Mrigashira know by the West as Orion (Taurus 23.20-Gemini 6.40) known as the constellation of Orion and stays there until June 5th  and and will channel Mars and this can lead to disputes so do not get into arguments while you are driving and find an outlet to release anger when things do not happen as quickly as you would like.  This is very true to watch carefully in the June 18-19th time window if you are ruled by Mars or Mercury or are in a Mars/Mercury or Mercury/Mars period. Watch out for the other guy while driving and do not multi-task or get distracted. Good to be disciplined all month driving this month but critical the week of June 14-20th.

Retrograde Saturn opposes Mercury exactly  on June 16th and will impact it most June 13-18th  and than can create delays with traveling or miscommunication but at its best it can support deep thinking.   So there may be times when Mercury is spending time lost in detail, reading and thinking too much instead of acting, Mercury  is happy in his own sign of Gemini where he is the intellectual adventure where he likes to have fun. Make sure to stay on top of computer back-ups and document saves.

Still Mercury in Gemini will promote  writing  and so spend some time with your  journal  if your mind is full of chatter and work through any inner disruptive thoughts. So, move away from Saturn-like thinking, avoid being idle and get the creative juices flowing!

Virgos and Geminis will have mixed results but still some benefits with Mercury at home but more so in   the connection into Jupiter’s nakshatra,  June 13-20.  (Purnavasu Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20) .

People in a Mercury dashas or sub-period will notice the complexity of this transit more as but still  transits are 20% of timing and all is contextual to the larger cycles you are running.


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