In previous articles we discussed that moving from your birth city can dramatically alter your chart and move the houses and influences.  There are some such karmic and genetic and life lessons that we take with us wherever we go.  There is an old saying, “wherever you go, there you are.”  We always take our core level  life lessons with us but still we have all noticed that we feel differently in different places when we travel and we often want to look for the ideal place.  See original article:

Some new points that I want to consider in Part 2 are as follows:

A)  The newly located city should be in a positive harmonic angle to the natal chart.

I find that when people’s ascendant rotates 5 or 9 houses from the original they are retaining their original elemental balances and the chart seems to have more success.

If the ascendant rotates  4, 7,  or 10 houses from the original sign, there is often success and even 2, and 11 rotations will be good and bring gains.

The rotation may also be impacted by whether the new rising sign is a friend of the original one and if the placement of the new rising’s sign’s lord is strong in the chart.

I do find that when the ascendant rotates 12 or 6 or 8 houses from the original location that there are more problems with health, unexpected issues, expenditures and other subconscious grunge.

2. The Ayurvedic temperament of the person needs to be taken into account but this happens naturally.

If you are dominated by pitta or fire, you will be find surviving winters in the north whereas if you are dominated by Saturn and Rahu and have a tendency to get cold, you will obviously choose a warmer climate.

3. Certain parts of the country are dominated by certain planetary influences because of the laws of direction for the planet. This will be true for any country but for the US this is how it plays out:


Northeast—Jupiter—Think of the abundance and expansive energy of New York and the wisdom generated in our Ivy league schools in that part of the country.

Southeast-Venus—Think of the southern charm and polite manners and hospitality of Florida and Georgia.

South—Mars—Think of the orientation and strong military energy of Texas.

Southwest—Rahu—Think of how this part of the country was a place of outlaws and outsiders and outcasts  and artists and still in Arizona in places like Sedona and Sante Fe have strong art centers, tend to be more radical in their thinking and we still have huge native American Indian reservations in these area.

West—Saturn—Think of California with its obsession with physical fitness, yoga and the material world.

Northwest—Moon—Think of the deep emotional nature of Seattle and all of the water element there.

North—Mercury—Intellectual activity will dominate and friendship. Think of the northern Midwest reknowed for its friendliness.

Good to relocate to an area of the country in harmony with your natal chart and which meets your needs and purpose.

4) Astro-locality lines—1) They are going to be different in the Vedic system which uses the sidereal zodiac  Is the line in question good for your rising sign?  

If you move to a Venus line, you may meet a spouse but if Venus is not placed well in your chart and is not a good planet for you like for Aries and Scorpio rising and  Leo, it will not be fruitful.


Sometimes people move 50-100 miles from where they were born and the rising sign will be the same but the rising Nakshatra will shift. I will notice a big difference.  One client moved from Jyestha nakshatra in Scorpio to Anuradha nakshatra and her life became more social and filled with more spiritual networking connections because of the nature of Anuradha nakshatra and its friendly nature compared to the harsh energy of Jyestha.


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In 1997 I moved from the Midwest where I was born in Chicago to Sedona, AZ. The move was about 1800 miles and my life was very different in the new city.  Despite a steady dasha (planetary cycle)  period that did not change, my life changed dramatically.  I developed health problems continually over a 10 year period requiring weekly  and bi-weekly doctor visits; I became more of a workalcholic.  My relationship became more challenging. On the positive side my spiritual teaching energy went into warp speed and I was continually teaching yoga, meditation and breath work classes all over the state.  While I had no interest in gardening or plants in the Midwest, I suddenly was buying plants, actively gardening and eventually built a 2 story atrium in my last house.  I was more inward and depressed in Sedona and more reclusive.  I also developed a more active interest in art and art collecting and home remodeling and redesign.  These were all new developments for me and not connect to changes in my dasha period or other major transits.

While I was lecturing at an astrology conference in London in 2011, Andrew Foss pointed out to me that my move probably had shifted my rising sign from Scorpio to Libra and when we ran the astro-locality program on his Vedic software, Sri Jyoti Star, indeed I had gone from Scorpio 7 degrees to  Libra 20 degrees and the move put exalted Saturn in the 1st house about 7 degrees from my ascendant.   Suddenly the lights flashed in my life and I understood what had happened.

Saturn moved in the 1st house from the 12th, and even though an exalted yoga karaka planet  for Libra,  it was creating health problems in the 1st, severe work alcoholism (aspecting the 10th) , and  relationship problems. The exchange of houses (parivartana yoga) between Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra  (moved from the 3/12 th to the 1st and 4th house)  and  was beneficial for success in real estate and home remodeling and artistic development and interior decorating which became a new hobby for me for 15 years.

Jupiter moved from my 8th house into my 9th house where my connection to my Guru flourished and I was actively involved all the time in spiritual teaching.  Because of the health issue, I moved back to the Midwest and became healthier, my relationship returned to normal and I became less of a work-alcoholic.  My spiritual teaching with Jupiter in the 9th moved back to Jupiter in the 8th where I became more obsessed with astrological teaching and readings.   So you can shift your life by moving but you some things will work better and others may not.

So you can see there are many factors impacting Astro-locality and because Vedic astrology is more microscopic, it can reveal more subtle dimensions even if you do not move to a foreign country or far away from where you are born. I think that a lot of astrological readings miss the mark because they fail to take into account the new location where someone is living and read the chart from there and my readings always do so if a person has moved far enough away from their birth place.   Special thanks to my Jyotish Gurus and especially to Hank Friedman and Andrew Foss for their research and contributions on this subject.

Have a great weekend!


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