There are a number of hyper-intensive factors out there stirring the angry pot.  We have discussed them in previous articles with the Kala Sarpa Yoga in transit which imbalances the solar and lunar energies  and tends to make people more aggressive and angry.  Riots in Hong Kong, the crazy gun-men shootings are not just Mars at end of Cancer but Venus and Mars combust and now Mars squaring the moon exactly into August 8th at the moment.    Some relief with the Kala Sarpa yoga taking a rest between August 12-August 27th and the Venus combustion will not be as bad August 11-18 when it is 1 degree from the Sun but we still have the other elephant in the room with the Mars combustion intensifying and peaking Sept. 2nd and getting more intense after August 20th when it gets within 5 degrees of the Sun.   With all the planets moving into Leo now starting with Mars on August 8th and Venus on August 16th and Sun on August 17th and then Mercury on August 26th we will have way too much fire energy.  The Saturn/Ketu conjunction is still impacting us creating frustration and things falling apart and everyone is on a short fuse.

Mars combustion will get more intense  and continue into September but my sense is that the two weeks of the Kala Sarpa yoga  August 1-12 and then repeating August 27-Sept. 8 are the most intense.  Have noted a lot of high blood pressure and heart attacks so you have to slow down and stay cool with swimming, drinking coconut water,  avoiding hot and spicy food and not over-exerting yourself in strenuous exercise.

With the Mars weakness, we cannot void the  hot-tempered and its darker energies come out.  Mars weak and too close to the Sun can make one obstinate, domineering, poor at closing, wanting to change jobs, impatient, rough, overbearing, wanting instant gratification, being impulsive.   If you are ruled by Mars or have it in your first house or have a combust Mars in your natal chart (within 17 degrees of your natal Sun)  you will be  more influenced so get more rest, go to sleep earlier this summer and pace yourself so you do not get out of balance.

Jupiter goes stationary direct on August 11th and it can be very powerful when Jupiter and the moon are connected as we will get with moon in Sagittarius August 11-12th and on days ruled by Jupiter such as August 8th and August 14th and Jupiter is trining Venus exactly into August 8th helping out a little and Moon conjunct Jupiter on August 9th will help.




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Its important not to repress anger as it can explode. We wrote about this a few weeks back on dealing with anger. Little kids are good at doing this.  Scream in an empty house or car.  Take a baseball bat and hit a pillow.  When anger is not expressed, it explodes as we are seeing in Hong Kong.

Anger and social outrage can be a good thing but have to be expressed peacefully. Do not get bottled up. Express your feelings, let it out and then drop it. Write letters, do posts on Facebook or call your Congressperson. In the extreme, this aspect can lead to accidents, fires and explosions if the energy is not released. Be careful around your home and driving around Labor Day as we move toward the 3rd round of the Mercury/Mars conjunction on Sept. 3rd  and stay alert and not lost in your mind and emotions. The warrior pose in yoga can help focus Mars better to be alert. The frog pose can help you with fatigue and support the adrenals.

As Saturn continues in conjunction to Ketu  through September,  frustration, things falling apart, depression alternate with intense anger.  You have to stay on top of spiritual practice and yoga to call it all down or you will be in crisis.  To much work and you get exhausting trying to make things happen? Is it worth it.  I think practicing “why bother” energy may need to happen a bit more to balance out the intense fire.


So stay cool and calm and find a way to deal with the other heat of the summer.



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