Venus in Libra Oct. 3rd  19:43 PM

Venus moves into Libra on Thursday, Oct 3rd  giving us a welcome breath of fresh air around relationships and supporting comfort. It’s a lifesaver and kicks in all kinds of wonderful energies including elegance, being well-respected, artistic creativity, balance in thought and deep, good intuition, passion, enthusiasm, comfort, luxury and humanitarian enterprises.

Libra rising will feel this most as it is a Malavya Yoga but Capricorns and Aquarian will benefit greatly from it as will Geminis and Virgos. Enemies of Venus, like Mars and Jupiter and the Sun may have challenges with the transit. Scorpios have to watch expenditures and sexual indulgences. Leo and Taurus and Aries rising get third, sixth, and seventh house transits of Venus, which are more challenging. Still a deeper sense of ease and comfort will come as it such a contrast for Libra rising going from the deep debilitation of Virgo to the comfort of being home. More harmony in relationships should be felt unless you have any natal malefics in Aries or Libra causing problems. Ah, the break that refreshes.

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