Jupiter in Mula Nakshatra (owned by Ketu) November 4, 2019-January 5, 2020.

Ketu and Jupiter in Sagittarius November 4, 2019 to November 20, 2019

Conjunction 3 Degree Orb December 26, 2019 to January 25, 2020  True Node

Jupiter moving into Sagittarius will begin interacting with Ketu in a few ways.  First through the transit through Mula Nakshatra (Sag. 0-13.20) and then as it moves into conjunction.

Sagittarius rising is one of the more interesting signs of the zodiac. The ninth natural sign of the zodiac brings lessons around belief, dogma and blind faith.  The shakti of Sagittarius is that planets placed here show lessons around dogmas and rules but will bring luck if they follow one’s dharma and will bestow deep wisdom if we can follow our path and purpose.  The curse of Sagittarius is that it will create war and conflict in order to uphold its belief and fundamentalist values and the US being Sagittarius rising is a difficult example of this. Sagittarius has problems with Vishnu and Mercury so it has difficult with communications in relationship.

Jupiter does particularly well in Sagittarius and if you have this in your natal chart, it creates leadership, great humor, devotion, humanitarian and progressive qualities.  For the most part, it is unafflicted during most of its transit as Saturn leaves Sagittarius in mid-January 2020 except for a close conjunction with Ketu for about a month in late December into late January 2020.

Jupiter, in Ketu’s nakshatras of Mula (November 4, 2019 to January 5, 2020), is strong and if you have this placement in your natal chart, you may have trouble following your own advice or past life issues with Gurus. If you are a female, it can bring up challenges with one’s husband or children. They may be too drawn to spiritual development and avoid living in the material and domestic world.

Ketu is very strong in Sagittarius but may even develop a bit of the religious zealot of the sign and the dark side of the Jupiter/Ketu conjunction may be too much religious fanaticism, difficulties with husbands or breaks from Gurus.  Most of the transit, they are supporting each other creating refined mental functioning, intuitive abilities and instinctively knowing what to do and what is right without any background. The conjunction can create strong devotional energies toward one’s teacher or Guru and can be very powerful for spiritual development.

On a mundane level, the conjunction can bring unforeseen expenditures and depletion of financial resources and it may promote day-dreaming and poor handling of finances.  It may be good not to borrow money during this transit as it will create longer-term problems.

Jupiter governs the liver and the Ketu conjunction could bring up some unforeseen health issues around the liver so take extra care of the liver at this time by taking milk thistle, drinking raw celery juice in the morning and hot water with a squeeze of lemon in the morning.

Women may attract more difficult partners who are working on addictive patterns; or  you may attract eccentric partners who are into an alternative spiritual path; or,   you may have challenges with your children during this time and feel a loss or separation if they go away to school and you may feel guilty that you have not done enough for them. They have their own life. Let this go. It is the maya of the mind and guilt is a useless thought that keeps us stuck in the past.

This may be a time when alternative and multiple paths may crop up in your life as Ketu likes to scatter energies.  This can be fun but inevitably if you want to dig a well and strike water, you have to dig deeply on one spiritual path and not dig 10 small wells that never strike water.

Ketu does best with the planet Jupiter and in its own sign of Sagittarius, it should be a strong positive for spiritual development and devotion and is a bright spot for early 2020.

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