Saturn Conjunct Pluto 2020 in Mundane Astrology

Jan 12, 2020   3 degree orb Dec 8, 2019 to Feb  16, 2020.

Saturn conjunct Pluto in Mundane astrology is a climax of power plays by the world power mongers including the Vatican, the 12 families the run the world (ie Rothchilds etc), the Zionists, the Central Banks and the Military Industrial complex and the Globalists.   Many of them have been challenged in recent months with the Vatican still covering up major pedophile scandals, people like George Soros secretly supporting the  Globalist movement being kicked out of Hungary and Turkey and President Trump withdrawing from Syria pushing back against the military industrial complex which would rather destroy the world rather than lose their power and profitability.   The Central Banks are also on the run as the trillions of dollar in debt they created are teetering on the edge and world pension funds are underfunded.    It seems that the Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter conjunction has to create a major climax and change with all of this but these people do not give up easy and would rather start another war or bankrupt a country that dares not to be controlled by them. Only upstart Iceland successful fought off these people and imprisoned the corrupt bankers.   So much drama to unfold here.

Countries most impacted by Saturn/Pluto hitting key natal points in their charts include, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Nato,  Lebanon, Vietnam, France, Italy, Ethiopia, Egypt, Chile, and Hong Kong.   Some of these countries are often in  the news and Egypt and Ethiopia are in dispute about a dam that could lead to war.

The power play between the Deep State and the President   will also have some kind of climax with the impeachment hearings counter-playing against  Barr’s upcoming  indictments for criminal action to thwart Trump’s election  in the 2016 election with the revelations of the DNC funding the Steele document and actions of Comey, Brennan and others.   With the Dec. 25th Solar Eclipse  hitting the US ascendant within 4 degrees by my calculations  (6:13 pm  July4th), the truth will come out.   The media has spun so much that no one knows the truth anymore or believes.    With Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn going into Capricorn, we hope that the total truth will come out but will the country accept it or will they riot? The division in the US continues to be rather extreme and continues to be troubling.

Rahu in Gemini, the sign of the media, continues to lead to a climax in media spin and fake news and that goes until Sept. 2020.  Will Jupiter’s aspect onto Gemini finally help the situation?  Jyotishis are supposed to be politically  neutral and I am. I want the truth to come out and I want all the distorted lies and spin to come to an end.  Even if that happens, I am not sure half of the population will accept it whatever side of the aisle you are on.   Why so much hate?   I do not like most politicians and they often have Rahu/Sun and Rahu/Moon signatures  with the  quest for fame, attention and power in their charts.  Are we are naive if we are ever think we will get Plato’s Republic again where the senators are really representing the people. Not sure the socialist movement will triumph either.

Last year I noted that there are more  control and false lies thorough the controlled media been spun about the  the truth about the dangers of vaccines and  legislators and Big Pharma are continuing to force these laws down are throat and forced vaccines.  There will be debates, announcements or new laws being forced down our throats  about these things but the masses have a stronger chance to rise up with Saturn in Capricorn and then supported by Jupiter in late 2020 and 2021. This is happening already with California and New York having no exceptions for vaccines for religious reasons.  Do our kids really need  70 injections?    Big Pharm is getting more powerful from their victories in those states.

China is a Capricorn rising country and the 12th house transit with the Ketu/Pluto conjunction will be huge for them as their debt-ridden economy and piracy are being challenged and not until Saturn goes into Capricorn in Jan. 2020 will we get a resolution and maybe a fair trade agreement.  China will rise into power and prominence with Saturn in Capricorn next year.

Capricorn is the sign of government and Pluto will completely go into there by 2021 and Saturn in Capricorn will have more strength to create massive changes in governing systems but Ketu/Saturn the rest of  2019 will bring many corrupt leaders down and increase protest as we are seeing in Hong Kong and Chile.

Still in the process of stirring up change, government will try to take more power and tax more to deal with their failing budgets and pension programs.  Big cities and states that are heavily taxed like Illinois and New Jersey could quickly fall apart at the seams as people flee a tax structure that does not work.   The governments will empower the police to enforce the situation and it could get ugly in certain areas.

Ketu is the planet of bankruptcy and when it conjuncts Jupiter, in January 2020 in the US sign of Sagittarius, if the US does not have its debt levels in order, it will face very serious consequences with the world. Trump appears to be trying to change things but he is not cutting back spending or dealing with balancing the budget so exploding housing bubbles and stock markets and other inflated assets may let to a very serious situation since a bunch of adolescents have been buying beyond their means all over the world. Certainly a fall for US stocks in 1st quarter is overdue with Jupiter/Ketu.

Usually when the powers that be get into trouble, they create wars to rally the people behind them.  We are in the 40 year war cycle with 1939 starting WW2 and 1979 being the Iran/Iraq war which was rather difficult and that brings up to 2019.   The military industrial complex wants to start a war and let’s hope that something stops them.  The last Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 1914 started World War 1.

I am  not a doom and gloom person. There are forces on the planet bringing more light and people are turning more to spirituality and are awakening to being played by government and the media. Will they hurt enough to take action? I think Saturn, representing the common man will rise up over the coming years but we have big changes happening until April 2022 when Jupiter gets into Pisces.  Be sure to help others, donate to charities, keep the media off so you stay out of fear and help your neighbor. God has a bigger plan and is more powerful than all the Power mongers and their time is coming soon!


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