Politicians are part of the warrior caste and many of them have signatures in their charts connected to Sun/Rahu or Moon/Rahu which suggest striving for public attention or power.  I remember when Trump acknowledged Clinton after the 2016 debate, he said “she was a good fighter.”  Warriors have a different role in society to protect the people and yet when Mars or the Sun is afflicted it becomes about personal ego and glory and shaming your enemy.  We rarely get statesmen like Kennedy or Churchill any longer who really are visionaries who really care about their world.  The “deep state” which was kind of hidden in labels of conspiratorial nonsense has come to the surface and the web of the CIA, FBI, NSA and political intrigue is coming more and more to the surface as Saturn moves toward Pluto into January and will bubble up and become clear to everyone as we go through the Solar eclipse at 10 degree Sagittarius which is very close to the US ascendant at 6 Sagittarius (US Chart 7/4/1776, 6:13 pm, Philadelphia)

If you do not have political dharma, you should be grateful that you do not have to go into these ugly battles and fights.  And yet like the Ancient Romans, we somehow get entertained by watching the battle of the gladiators in the Colosseum.   The media, ruled by Mercury,   is  the  greatest enemy of Mars and the political warrior and no wonder there are never any kind words in this area.

It is  naive to  hope than any politician will seriously impact our lives and want to change the world for the better in Kali Yuga is that is  likely to lead to disappointment.   The days of Plato’s Republic and Senators that represented the people are long gone.   I am not sure what it will take to change political corruption and the fact that politicians all over the world cannot resist the temptation to retire much richer than they started out.  Not sure there are enough good politicians in the  world or that the population is   consciousness enough to elect them if they were to run.    It is very sad.

The amount of energy wasted in political ego fighting and the division that is being created in our country is frightening.  Whether we are for something or against it, we lose our peace and equanimity in taking sides and being so attached to our small Martian ego that wants to be right. Is it worth it?    Protect your community but it is a David and Goliath battle and it will take a lot to make a change.

Is there a spiritual perspective on all the political nonsense? Whether we are for something, or against it, we are bound by the attachment to being right or wrong or to one side winning or the other losing. In both cases we lose peace of mind and waste enormous amount of energy and frustration with the battle. Political nonsense has gone on for time immemorial and will continue for time immemorial. After years of being upset, I have come to the conclusion that my happiness and peace of mind are more important than wasting time ruminating and arguing over political perspectives. There is a time for social justice and social activism but I have decided not to let it take over my peace. Time to turn off the TV and go back to the Self.
 My Guru has influenced me great. He said: “Replace helpless and hopelessness about the situation in the world, the racial clashes, politics, and wars and coups with service work and then you can do something to shift the world.

I deeply care about our world and yet I have tried to move toward political neutrality because one  has to see it as a great game and laugh and be grateful that you do not have that karma. And yet  we engage in the media spewing out garbage and we take on pieces of the karma and the media whips us  into a frenzy to boost their corporate ratings.  This year again   insiders who have left CNN and Project Veritas filmed the real agenda of CNN which is really the get Trump network. I am really tired of the amount of hate that is generated.   Like everyone I want the truth but its very complicated and Vedic astrologers are supposed to be neutral.   Politics by nature is about fighting and ego and not about getting the work of the people done.  It is sad.

We have lost our Walter Cronkites and Dan Rathers and  the last of 60 minute reporters are so old they are barely  holding on.  The  media is no longer about truth.  Still, I recent rediscovered CBS national news which is buried in your cable channels but in the News Block and they still have a warmer more humanitarian focus than the rest of the bunch.   Turn off the TV or get seriously about helping your community but we are still picking up the shrapnel of flying words and lies and power plays.  It is not worth it.  I am not saying that we should not work hard to create a better society and a better world.  The time spent watching  the warriors battle it out in the Coliseum can be better spent doing community service and helping people on a local level.  There is a lot of suffering.  Sometimes the ground-swell is enough that we think the politicians will hear us but like Rahu, they lie and falsely promise and most of them only care about the corporate forces  that donate big money to their coffers.

Yes all the bad people should be voted out and if you have the dharma to be a warrior and fight for your society, start running for election on a local level and make a difference.  I looked at the 2020 US New Year Chart and it does appear that we will get a compassionate leader elected then but it may come only after massive upheaval.  I hope that it goes better.  I will report later on 2020 but the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on Dec. 25-26th and Saturn/Pluto conjunction will trigger bigger changes and upheaval than we have seen in a while into the first quarter and it will not be what people are expecting.

There is so much more going on beneath the surface and you need to search deeply for the truth.   Its pretty clear that the media has lied to us for years and a huge battle of light vs. darkness will manifest going into 2020.   There are forces like George Soros who are trying to destroy Europe and the US in the name of liberalism and eventually make a profit in the profit from it.      Take a deeper look.  Make a difference in your local city, neighborhood or community.  The forces of greed and power have a hidden agenda and so look for the truth behind all of it.  It is not what it seems on the surface.  The truth is out there but you will to search deeply.

I have stopped wanting to make political predictions because it all seems such a waste of time.  We need to do something to create a better world and fight evil and corruption but there are better ways to  do so.  Big hugs and watch less CNN and be a volunteer more.


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