Travel and holidays gives us a break from our daily grind and forces us reflect on the true meaning of our life and why we are here. I was re-reading Emmanuel’s Book: The Choice for Love on the plane ride home from the Sedona conference and was reminded and made aware of the many ways that fear creeps in our lives and when I arrived home my puppies gave me big yelps and they were very engaged in their dharma of just giving unconditional love and that is why we are all here.

Saturn is about moving us into the present moment.  It  likes yoga, meditation and breath work and exercise and when we do those practices we need a bit of discipline and focus to be with our body and our practice and not regret the past or think about what we will do when we come out of practice.  Saturn, when it slows us down with suffering and illness is trying to move us into the present moment and force us to smell the roses if we have gotten too much in the rat race of rushing around like a rabbit.

Fear  and love are opposites and we cannot have them both at the same time. There are so many ways that fears takes over our lives.  The world is going to blow up from nuclear conflict.  Climate change is going to destroy the world.  The 5G networks are going to destroy mankind and Big Pharma and its vaccine agenda want to destroy us. These are all real threats but somehow mankind finds a way through these challenges.   In contrast, when we spend time with small animals and small children we are taking back to the innocence of true love and move out of the fear in our mind which has a way of taking over.  The real  journey toward enlightenment is moving from our head to our heart but it takes a conscious choice to travel down those 8-12 inches.

The mind cannot have an emotion on an abstract level so it attaches to something in the environment.  Most of what we fear is mental illusion.  Eckhart Tolle reminds us that 99% of our thoughts are garbage so why by into them?  My mantra for  Saturn is just to recognize the mental noise in your mind and then say, Saturn you can go now. I do not need the fear.  We do have power to not just accept the garbage that goes through our head  and our destiny is to command the planets if we are a conscious and spiritual person.

Most of the things we fear never happen and its that 1% surprise element that knocks us out of the park.  Fear is a survival mechanism to keep us out of danger. If we stick our hand into the fire when we are small, we learn not to do it again but then maybe we are inordinately afraid of fire our entire life.   Just remember that most of what we fear does not happen and dismiss it.

Because we fear–fear, we stop feeling and get into addictive patterns like binging on Netflix, over-eating and some parts of society more serious problems.  To remove fear we had to let go of feeling from our heart.   And yet when we stay centered in our heart, the power of Love evaporates fear and we see it as just an illusion.  Choose love and it has to be a conscious choice.

This is a wonderful quote from Pat Rodegast’s book:

What does the voice of fear whisper to you?

Fear speaks to you in logic and reason. It assumes the language of love itself.

Fear tells you, ” I want to make you safe.” Love says, “You are safe.”

Fear says, “Give me symbols.  Give me frozen images. Give me something I can rely on.

Loving truth says, ” Only give me this moment…. Love says, “Open your arms and fly with me.”

Every moment of your life you are offered the opportunity to choose, love or fear, to tread the earth or to soar to the heavens.

Choose love.  Do more meditation and yoga and breath work to transform the energy. The chair pose in yoga, grounds us to the earth chakra as does the Mountain pose so that we feel our feet grasping the earth and this creates more security in our life.  Use the fear as a wake up call to handle your finances, get into your body and take care of your health.  Look up the magicians “fear sleeve” and expose him for the fraud that he is. You are infinitely safe in this universe. (If you want to connect astrology to hatha yoga and chakra analysis, see our workshop at:






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