Venus moved into Capricorn on Sunday, Dec. 15th  and enters the friends’ sign of Saturn. Capricorn is a complex sign and is the natural 10th sign of the zodiac and connected to business and the natural need of Saturn for security. Capricorns often have great organizing power, desires success, fame and is a bit of reclusive energy.

In general, Venus in Capricorn showers material pleasure on its friend Saturn. If you have this position in your natal chart (like I do), it can create loyal and mature love, conventional marriage and supports the underdog and the poor. When it is afflicted, it may create sexual coldness, fascination with death, reproductive problems or emotional flatness.

The combination of Venus being in Saturn’s sign creates stability in relationships, strong technical abilities in business, support oils, iron, steel and antiques and older people. I often think the Venus/Saturn connection is one of creating beautiful infrastructure to support our aesthetic sense and I think of the murals and mosaics that were engineered into the new highway walls in Phoenix that add beauty to the concrete commute.

On a physical level, this transit supports attention to the body, to having the discipline to start that diet and supports activity like massage, which combines the sensuous nature of Venus with the solid grounding of the needs of the body. This is a good month to find a good massage therapist, take an exercise class that sculpts your body or to shop for new clothes. Building a beautiful new business, website or publishing a book seems like a perfect activity this month for this transit as Venus there will be support from superiors and authorities.

Venus in Capricorn is not afflicted by any planet except by a wide 4th house aspect of Mars that will disappear when Mars goes into Scorpio on Dec. 24th.


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