While I am very capable of throwing out New Year predictions and will do a number of them in my annual webinar on Jan. 5, 2020,  I wonder if it takes out of the joy of the present moment and the wonder of surprises. Originally Vedic astrology was not about prediction but about remedies for difficult situations that came up or doing Yagyas before difficulties came up.    I am not sure I want to predict tragedy as there is enough of it every year. Still, earthquakes and disasters force others to rise up and help others so waves of compassion and service come to the rescue.

Negative news sells and we cannot help but turn on the TV and walk-away with being afraid of going out the door. I am not sure that is useful to live our lives that way.  Yes maybe 2-3 negative surprises hit us in a lifetime that is earth-shattering but they ultimately make us better people.  My own bout with kidney illness in my late 20’s when the doctors told me I would be in pain the rest of my life led me to finding my own cures and to studying alternative medicine and prevention.  That 9 month period of pain was very difficult but it leads to something greater longer-term.  I often talk to people who have gone through messy divorces and in the end, they come out better people with new skills and deeper capacity for relationship and love.

The mind is always worrying about the future and many astrologers focus on all the negative things that will happen this year with the   Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius at Christmas next year and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. There will be challenges but those challenges make us grow and mold our personalities and makes us deeper people. Who promised you that you would have a picnic life and spend your time on the beach sipping drinks?  We are here to grow and the malefics create challenges to mold our character like that difficult army Sargent or high school coach.

It easy to predict that Trump will continue to challenged by Congress this year but what is the use of predicting whether he will fall from power before his term and what do we gain from hearing those predictions?  I am shocked at how much hate the media tries to generate.   If it happens will it really impact our life and will the world really change?    Is our life that of a spectator at the Coliseum or are we willing to take action and make a difference in our community. The media has created this frenzy to increase ratings and the amount of negativity they are generating and turning people against each other is frightening.  Do we really want to separate ourselves in this country around political viewpoints?  I am shocked how many stories I hear about divorce or break-ups when when person is a Republican and the other a Democrat?  What happened to a world in which we accept other’s viewpoints?

I want to choose people who are loving and compassionate and kind whatever their political viewpoints.  Stereotypes destroy.   No one person is both good or bad but most politicians have shady pasts as they are almost always connected to Rahu and unethical behavior and power and ambition. Let’s focus instead on the saints and the good people in the world who go unnoticed by the media. There are lots of people doing great things in the world. I recently rediscovered CBS news which has many more humanitarian stories.

Last year,  I was cheered up by a series on PBS called, Will Meet Again where people who were kind to others during tragedies like the Alaskan earthquake, the Korean War or the Cuban evacuation are reunited with those that help them after 50 years.  These are the real heroes of the world and these are the people we should become.

I would like to predict that millions and millions of kind and compassionate people will do charitable work and help those in need and that those are the people that really matter. Occasionally, the media will highlight their lives but they are out there like the man who drove 4 hours to deliver a pizza to a terminally ill cancer patient. I do know that when we talk badly about others, the energy stains our consciousness with anger and range and that is where the media is taking us.   In the big cities people are getting violent and I fear more of that will come out this year as Mars gets conjunct Ketu in Feb.  Hopefully, the dead cold of winter will prevent anything major.

I have watched people live in fear of the future for years. First, it was Y2K, then the Mayan calendar rollover and now it is the Saturn/Pluto/Ketu conjunction.   Life goes on.  There are tragedies but there is also joy and growth.  Find a way to live in joy and not waiting on the edge of your seat for the next political drama. Will it really change your life.   Make this a better world by helping your neighbor, turn off the TV and forget about the sensationalism of negative astrological predictions.

There will be some moments of wonder and joy this year and it will vary from person to person but God has a plan for you and whatever happens, is perfect so live in the moment.   Live your life waiting for the joy and enthusiasm of one walking into a surprise party or hugging your puppy or seeing our cover photo of the child and the bear and not waiting for the next earthquake or the next shoe to drop.  Yes, those shoes will drop but do your part to be the next person celebrated on We’ll Meet Again.   There are so many wonderful people in the world doing good all the time. Don’t let the media make you think that the world is made of serial killers– it is not. They are fewer in number.  There are a lot of loving families out there creating great things every day. Be one of them!

Big hugs for the New Year.

See offer below for our New Year Preview–Now going to be less political and focusing on how the transits will impact your personal life.




After saying all of that, do enjoy our 2020 Vedic Astrological Preview Webinar on Jan. 5th.  I will find bright ways to talk and there are a lot of positives with 6 planets in dignity on Sept. 9-13th.

Vedic Astrology 2020 Transit Webinar

  • This guide for 2020 will help you plan the next few years  and go over key events:
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  • Eclipses in the Sagittarius/Gemini axis
  • Jupiter/Ketu Conjunction
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