Venus enters Aquarius:  JAN. 8-FEB. 2ND


Venus goes into Aquarius early this year on Jan. 8th and it is a fairly unafflicted transit except for a wide 60 degree aspect from Saturn which is inconsequential  and a trine from its friend Rahu on Jan. 20th which can increase passion and desire for material things and women.   For Taurus rising it is a 10th house transit supporting career and for Libra Rising a 5th house transit of the ascendant lord support romance and the arts.

Aquarius is the second most difficult sign to have anywhere prominent in ones’ chart, as it is ruled by the Shakti of suffering Saturn and Rahu, which is the seat of desire. Rahu gives and then takes away so we are reminded that we are here to find the Divine. Aquarius is on the opposite side of the zodiac from Leo, the giver of light and it tends to take away the material, creating great pain and suffering from the losses that arise. Aquarius is a bitter enemy with the moon and mother so issues around maternal care, nurturing, and food become prominent. Whenever the rising sign in any Varga chart has planets in Aquarius this creates suffering and loss in this area.

Still there are bright sides to this transit as Venus is  friends with Saturn and Rahu, the owners of Aquarius. Venus this month will foster a love of poetry and creative writing so for creative writers, this is your time to get that pen out and get that novel started or that book of poetry edited. Venus in Aquarius may lend innovation to your ideas, which will be sure to be full and overflowing! If you were born with an unafflicted Venus in Aquarius, then you are friendly charming and fun loving, logical, enjoy learning, popular and good in relationship with others..

Aquarius is a vata or air sign, so the earthy solidity of Capricorn will be dislodged. The good news is that Venus will be exalted in Pisces Feb. 2-28th  and this will be a sweet time for romance and relationship in general but will treat different rising signs in various way but or the most part it feels good.

For Libra rising, this is a 5th house transit and can bring deep love with your children, a new romance or deep spiritual initiations and success in the theater.  Aries rising will benefit from income and Scorpio rising may have expenditures around the home and vehicles and more domestic quarrels. Pisces rising may have passionate sexual experiences while Cancer rising may have big problems with deep karmic issues from the past. Aquarius rising will feel a bit lighter for having the transit of a good friend visiting and creating deeper connections and may increase the desire for new and unconventional clothes. Geminis will have deep spiritual experiences or go on luxury trips to foreign lands and Virgos will have to watch illness related to the reproductive area, kidneys or bladder or pancreas. Again, all of this is very individual to the larger cycles that you are running so consult a profession astrologer.   Transit s are always secondary to Dashas and this transit will impact you most if you are in a Venus period or have key natal planets in Aquarius.

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