Jupiter moves into Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra (Sagittarius 26.40-Capricorn 10.00) on Sunday, March 8th and will exchanges nakshatras with Sun in Jupiter’s nakshatra if Purvabhardrapada (Aquarius 20-3.20) until March 17th.  This can increase optimism and hope and may be badly needed given where we are. This may allow Sundays  and Thursday in March , days ruled by Sun and Jupiter to be more joyful and optimistic.

Jupiter in Uttarashada Nakshatra has to undergo tapas or austerity, In Purva Ashadha (Sagittarius 13.20-26.40) it had wonderful comforts and pleasures but in Uttasha Ashadha it feels lack of support and needs to turn to itself and its wisdom to find support in itself. The first section of this constellation has particular great strength for developing philosophy and talent and knowledge about being successful in the world.  It has great ability to heal in this first pada which dominates March 8-29 and this will be true for Sagittarius rising and Pisces rising in particular.    The quest to be in dharma and do the right things starts taking over material needs or financial success.  The desire is to convey deep wisdom at all costs is very powerful.

Jupiter becomes Sandhi at the edge of the sign March 24-29th in Sagittarius as it gets ready to transit into Capricorn from March 29-June 29th.   It will retrograde back into Sagittarius June 29-Nov. 20th.  The problem with Jupiter in Capricorn is that it may be falsely optimistic and not in touch with reality.  With Saturn in Capricorn, that may not be as much a problem but it is also conjunct Pluto into April 4th,  We will have to write more about this great conjunction later.

This  constellation combines the energies of Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun.    Jupiter is expansive and beneficent and wanting to help mankind. Saturn is focused on worldly and practical and the Sun who owns this constellation is a fiery leader.    With the Coronavirus,  we need all of these qualities to get through this crisis.  People with their rising sign, moon or sun here are confident and single-minded and have enough luck to be successful in completing and achieving their goals.  They often seek to help the their fellow humans and they have the combined talents to set out and achieve and persevere and carry-out their ideals.   Famous people born with their moon in this constellation include Robert Kennedy who had high ideals to transform mankind and create a better world and even John Lennon who also had huge commitment to his social goals.

The Saturn side of this constellation when Jupiter goes into Capricorn fosters delays and setbacks for Jupiter but this frustration from Saturn also gives great determination and perseverance to achieve its goals and Jupiter gives it calm and groundness and optimism to pursue and achieve its goals.   Those born in the Capricorn part of the constellation are classic type-A personalities who are self-centered and have a tendency toward workaholic-ism  and can be harsh if someone stands in their way.

One of the positive outcomes of the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction is that it is a good manifest-or of desires.  Jupiter gives the vision and Saturn allows the physical manifestation power so their time together is good for achieving goals particularly connected to the houses connected to Capricorn and Cancer in their chart when they are both conjunct or aspecting   the opposite sign. .  We get this for 3 months March 29-June 29th and then after Nov. 20, 2020 when Jupiter stays in Capricorn for a full year.   Jupiter /Saturn together allow for maintaining stability and optimal function  with expansion and contraction balancing each other with wisdom.

Jupiter in Capricorn deserves a separate article but it can lose  its judgment and wisdom in Capricorn  and get too material  and get caught up in hope. I do think this year, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction will make it more real and grounded and Saturn will cancel the Jupiter debilitation.  Famous people with Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn include Barack Obama, Micheal J Fox and George Clooney and I deeply admire each of them and their contributions to the world.

Special thanks to Komilla Sutton and Michael Santangelo for their insights into this consetellation.

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