We can all breathe a sigh of release with Mercury moving forward again but people will still ask if Mercury is retrograde with so many afflicted planets like Saturn closely conjunct Pluto now til late June and Jupiter on the edge of the sign from March 24-April 6th until late March but still one big thing has lifted. It is still in Satabhishak nakshatra (Aquarius 6.40-20.00) until March 31st and this nakshatra is know for diseases that do not heal easily. This is a short-term indicator but it has contributed. Click below for full article.

Mercury will be   back in Jupiter’s nakshatra of Purvabhadrapada  March 31-April 7thl   but Jupiter will be at the end of the sign and will be  very weak and overoptimistic now on the edge of the sign in Sagittarius and while this can create strong energy for writing and speaking about causes dear to them but the key with the constellation is always taking action to benefit humanity and not just writing or complaining about world problems.  Still we have to be careful with decisions and weigh them carefully when Jupiter is weak.   Mercury will go into Pisces April 7-24th and I always find this difficult for creating a scattered mind and communication problems while it can enhance spiritual energies.

Aquarius is one of the more karmic signs of the zodiac as it ruled by Saturn and Rahu and it can bring up deep suffering in its darker moments but can tend toward great technological advancement, healing and deep philosophical and astrological probings.  Good time to take an astrology or philosophy class and get deep into your computer programming.  Aspect from Rahu will again peak on March 22nd so watch out for scams and computer viruses  and carnival barkers promising you moon if you buy their amazing product.

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