There are a number of subtle changes in the landscape as we move into the end of the month. Here is an overview:


Mars moves toward a conjunction with Pluto at zero Capricorn on March 23rd at 1 am and is particularly potent within two degrees, March 21-25th. In mythology Pluto, the god of the underworld was also called Hades which means “invisible” or “to make invisible”. Modern psychology connects Pluto and Scorpio to the unconscious and hidden parts of mind and personality. The late Narendra Desai also felt that Pluto was a higher octave of Mars, the ruler of Scorpio, in classical or Vedic astrology. This supports the rationale of the rulership of Scorpio to Pluto in modern tropical astrology. I find that the world “surrender to the Divine Will” is one of the highest aspects of Pluto energy.

Pluto is also very connected to power, energy, virility, and transformation, and this transit is particularly powerful for Aries and Scorpio rising. It can increase ambition and control issues and in the sign of Capricorn it has much more power but luckily is happening very close benefic Jupiter and in the constellation of Uttara ashadha ruled by Sun so that gives even more power in a benefic way to leadership.

Still, this conjunction may bring out some darker energy particularly in politics and has been a signature for an increase in earthquake activity in the past and sometimes can lead to more violence. Use the energy for positive transformation and change this week and for personal transformation. It may bring up huge angry flare-ups in some people and at an extreme level violent assault so find a way to channel the energy and unleash its power.

If you were born with this signature within 2 degrees, you may have a forceful personality that tries to dominate or bully others and have strong cravings, a strong ego and tremendous restlessness, and strong sexual prowess. This signature in a natal chart may also lead to lead to low self-esteem around manhood which is overcompensated with trying to prove himself sexually with too much macho energy, competition or threat.

Death is another theme of Pluto but it is perhaps better connected to the death of the old to create the new or transformation. It is something too much on our minds at the moment. So for Aries and Scorpio rising, this is a time for spiritual transformation and death of old habits and patterns that aren’t useful for us. Stay away from the dark side of control and ego and use the energy to create a better life for yourself and others around you. The fire energy in the solar plexus may be overactive for some so calm with coconut oil and coconut milk or lavender oil on the solar plexus if things get too hot.



Mars moved into the last section of Sagittarius and is getting ready for Capricorn on Sunday, March 22nd. Planets at the end of a sign are a bit weak and tired and this will particularly so March 21-23rd so get more rest if you are Aries or Scorpio rising. Still, Mars is now connected to the Sun through the nakshatra channel and the Sun so ambition, confidence, and leadership are strong. Mars in Capricorn is powerful for moveable signs. If you are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn rising, this creates a Ruchaka Yoga and brings out Mars’s highest qualities.

The problem with this transit is that the early part of it is a bit strained. Mars is conjunct Saturn into March 31st creating stress and tension and frustration and indecision within a 3-degree radius March 27-April 5th. Given the state of our world, this is something that we do not need but Jupiter will come to rescue starting March 29th-June 29th when it comes into Capricorn but like a good humanitarian, will rescue Saturn, Pluto, and Mars but drown when it leaps into the river to rescue them.

After April 5th, as Mars and Saturn separate his full power will come out and there will be great energy to deal with our world crisis by our warriors and doctors. May is very higher energy so you can get away with doing 3 times as much work and have the energy and Aries and Scorpio will benefit most but Capricorn will enjoy also. Still, exalted planets have too much gun and power and tend to blow over people with their force. Make sure to tone down your power as some people will not be able to handle it.

If Mars is a difficult planet for you, it can cause more problems. Exalted malefics become more powerful to do harm for certain rising signs so Capricorn rising may have more health issues related to too much fire or pitta and this may also impact Cancers and Leos because of the aspects. Virgo moons and rising signs may have challenges with children and investments and romance. Libras have to watch out for automotive or home accidents and Taurus will have to be careful with foreign travel and issues with father. Gemini rising or moon will have a difficult 8th house transit which may trigger marital separation, disputes around income, difficult health issues.

SUN IN UTTARA SHADHA MARCH 18-MARCH 31ST (Pisces 3.20-16.40)

When the Sun is afflicted in Pisces it is submissive, out of focus, unreliable, lack confidence and volunteers too much and becomes a victim and suffers from poor financial management. With the Sun into Uttarabhadrapada (Pisces 3.20-16.40) March 18- March 31st, the Saturn/Sun association will continue creating adversity to change, lack of people skills, the intensity at work and resistance to authority and bosses. So the darker side of the Pisces and the Sun in Pisces will come out through the end of the month but optimism will pick up April 1-13 when the Sun is in Revati Nakshatra (Pisces 16.40-29.59) Sun/Saturn energy will create conflict and anger at the government and this will intensify as more lockdowns and draconian energy develops. People are cooperative but more anger will develop.

VENUS IN TAURUS: March 28-July 31, 2020.

Venus will be very strong in the sky in Taurus for 4 months and afflicted by the Sun May 29-June 8th and turning retrograde May 11th. So Venus’s strong qualities come out most of the time. If you are Taurus or Libra rising or have a strong Venus in your chart, it is a good time for feeling expansive, refined, pleasant, comfortable, kind, generous, artistic, strong in relationship skills. Taurus brings the blessings of Krishna and Shiva and is one of the more material signs of abundance. This transit with Venus in its own sign creates a Malavya Yoga for Taurus rising and indicates the highest manifestation of Venus’s qualities so it is a good time to enjoy good food, the arts, and home while pursuing partnerships and romance. The context of this world may not allow that now but there will be more comfort. It is a time to feel at home and to move forward solidly in your life with lots of Grace.

Libra rising will experience an eighth house transit of Venus in its own sign and this is a time for personal transformation and unexpected money coming from lotteries, insurance or other unexpected sources. Meditation and spiritual experience could be powerful and so a good time to take a spiritual retreat and withdraw from the senses. We will write a much longer article about this later.

 The deepest purpose of astrology should allow us to see the Maya or illusion that runs through our mind and blocks us from seeing our own Divinity. Astrology should reveal our hidden patterns and not just affirm what we know about our self already. It is our hidden patterns and blind spots which get us into the most trouble and cause us the most suffering.​

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