If you turn on the television, its easy to get caught up in doom and gloom and the end of the world.  We cannot live our lives thinking that way as it paralyzes us and even thinking we will get sick weakens our immune system because of the Mind/Body connection.   There is real concern and we have to be practical and take care of finances and our health and we have to avoid doing stupid things that impact us and others around us. As we have discussed before,  this crisis may not go away that quickly.   There are some milestones for support coming with Rahu moving out of Ardra nakshatra on April 22nd in the true node system and Pluto retrograding back into Sagittarius from June 29-Dec. 31, 2020 will be helpful but there is always something as Ketu is not out of Mula Naksahtra (Sagittarius 0-13.20) until Sept 19, 2020.

Saturn forces us to be more real with everything in our life and particular, finances.  . Now is the time to talk to a financial planner and get your retirement situation in order so that you feel more secure.  Be aware that these underlying feelings of dread about financial implosions are just a wake-up call to get you to look at your budget, income and savings plans so that you have a strong infrastructure behind you to support your spiritual growth. And yes the world is going through the same thing as Central Bankers have created huge debts for the world, inflated the stock market and not created real economic development and throw smoke and mirrors statistics at us to make us think that everything is great.  They are still trying to do it with their massive bail-out programs but the longer-term implications for the United States and the world are not great because you can only manufacture money from thin air and not have a real economy for only so long.

Saturn governs the base chakra and often spiritual folks work more on their upper chakras through meditation but if their root chakra is not developed and Saturn is weak in their chart, their financial planning and infrastructure and connection to the earth is a bit out of balance.  This can create a lot of instability and fear. Its like a pyramid. If the base of the pyramid is strongly  supported, the energies can move higher to the peak.  If we have a solid bank account and savings plans then we have the freedom to pursue our spiritual development and not be thrown off balance.  If the pyramid is inverted and there is low energy at the base and all the energy is very strong at the top, then there is no stability to support all the spiritual growth.  The current transits are challenging our system.   Is the world willing to look at the way we are handling our money or are we going to continue to play games?   Given the nature of the crisis, its so much easier to react to panic rather than grow up and make hard choices with budgeting and taxes.    The chance for that may be long gone.

The world will not end you will not die in an apocalyptic ball of flame.  Yes there are people doing stupid things all the time in crisis but we are in a war zone and instant decisions need to be made.    Continue to pour your heart out to those suffering, so service work, raise money, donate but do not feel that installing a bomb shelter or bunker will be the answer to Saturn’s fear.  And this is a troubled week with Mars  moving toward conjunction with Saturn into March 31st so anger and frustration will mount so learn to observe and do grounding exercises to strengthen your base chakra and Trust that the Divine has a plan.   The Divine is there for you like the mother bird, who is ever present to take care of her chicks until they can fly away.  You are taken care of even in the midst of chaos.


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