Mercury: Master Trickster in Quest of the Divine

The odd characteristic of Mercury is that its signs, Virgo and Gemini, are the only signs of the zodiac that have symbols which are human forms. Gemini is shown as the twins and Virgo is shown as the virgin maiden. Gemini is one of the more sexual signs of the zodiac since it is the natural 3rd sign and the sign of Virgo is the opposite sign being the celibate and virgin. This axis represents the lower and higher paths:  from natural urges which perpetuate humankind to the opposite pole of the one who sacrifices through self-effacement and dedication for the ultimate spiritual journey to the Higher realm.

The intellect allows us to reach out in search of Divinity and discover the Divine spark within. Mercury has to reach out toward wisdom and perfect its move toward Divinity through the understanding one’s place in the universe.

Mercury governs the intellect: learning, writing, communication and critical and discriminative thinking. Mercury is associated with speaking and logic. It seeks to organize existence and its primary role in human evolution is to discriminate truth from illusion and move through Maya and the illusions of the world.

On the highest level, Mercury seeks self-discovery and answers the questions: Who am I? and Why am I Here? However, Mercury, left to its lower Gemini nature and sexual impulses, can get caught up in traps and illusions and miss the growth toward Divine realization.

Mercury is exalted in Virgo and this is the sign where higher intelligence can create advanced insights and intuition. In Pisces, Mercury tends to be nervous, spaced-out and indecisive, Thus Mercury in Pisces may be involved in too many spiritual paths to strike gold and reach the center.

Mercury is friends with Venus and Saturn and has difficulty with his father, the Moon. Mars is the most difficult planet for Mercury. Aries and Scorpio rising have the most difficult time with the planet Mercury in their chart. For Pisces and Sagittarius rising, Mercury causes relationship issues as Mercury’s practical side is so distant from Jupiter’s idealist and religious side.

Mercury is like the chemical element of mercury and is transmutable. Mercury will take on the energies of the signs and planets associated with it. Connect Mercury to Saturn and fear and negative thinking will pull its playful free-wheeling nature down. Connect Mercury to Mars and it will tend to get into verbal debates to prove that is right.

When connected to benefics, Mercury’s higher qualities will come out. Thus Mercury with Jupiter, the Sun, Venus and even Rahu will function well.  Thus Mercury does well in the signs of Libra, Taurus, and Leo.

Mercury is the planet of why? It wants to have the perfect answer for everything. It delights in verbal play and games and writing. It is the chess grand-master and detective that loves to solve the riddles and mysteries of creation. It delights with jokes and jests and the Sunday crossword puzzle.

Mercury governs early childhood education and embodies the perfect flow between teachers and students. The Sun is King and the Moon is Queen and Mercury is the Prince in the court.  Mercury is sexually immature and gets caught in the sexual intrigue of bedding the servants only to be punished. Mercury needs Jupiter, as the teacher, to raise him out of the sexual intrigue of Gemini into the mature wisdom and sacrifice for humanity embodied by the sign of Virgo.

If you have Mercury in the 1st house or connected to the 10th house or if you are Gemini or Virgo rising or if you have Jupiter connected to Gemini or Virgo, you may be drawn to being: a political minister, accountant, mathematician, teacher, writer, engineer, architect, librarian, computer programmer, speech therapist, language expert, psychotherapist, editor, astrologer, or a media worker.

The 12th house is the Achilles heel for Gemini rising. since Taurus rules this house for these charts. The sign Taurus has to avoid the temptations of sensual pleasure and the quest for continual love. Hence, Gemini is so often drawn to pornography and other sexual conquests in search of the elusive love of Venus who owns the 12th house of bed pleasures and the 5th house of romance. Mercury has to learn the lessons of the moon to be cool and tranquil and avoid the argumentative energies associated with Gemini. For Virgo rising, Saturn owns the 6th house of effort and can result in perfectionism that is always elusive no matter how hard Mercury works or cleans.

Mercury is the ultimate trickster like the Greek God Hermes. Mercury delights in pranks and wants us to lighten up and have fun. When he goes retrograde and things do not work, he is reminding us that life is a game and to have fun and play a little. He reminds us to return to our Divine child and rediscovering the joy of play and laughter—so dearly needed at this time.

Special thanks to Bepin Behari and the late Ed Tarabilda for their insights into this planet.

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