MERCURY IN PISCES : April 7-April 25th

Mercury moves into Pisces on April 7th  and luckily only stays there until April 25th.  .  Mercury’s debilitation is not cancelled this year so it will be a rough one but hopefully it will go quickly.   The  the worst part of the debilitation is probably April 8-16th and it is much better in the constellation of Revati (Pisces 16.40-29.59) April 16-25th.

Mercury is debilitated in Pisces which bring out nervousness, being spacey,depression, too many thoughts and being too talkative.  On the bright side it can lead to good fantasy writing and spiritual thoughts and insights but as always Pisces is a  bit ungrounded and needs a reality check.

Still the word debilitated gets misunderstood. For Geminis and Virgos it may mean lower energy and a need to get more rest and it may create increased mental activity and a restless mind.   Since Pisces is a very spiritual sign, so Mercury’s logical and practical and rational energy can get lost here in pursuing too many philosophical or spiritual pursuits, can be prone to depression or be subject to false Gurus or advisors. Geminis may need to have to work harder to focus at work and be productive and not get caught up in wanting to play.  Mercury is  debilitated in Pisces because he can get lost in spiritual dreaminess and not pay attention to the logic that runs him. Make sure that your pipe dreams are run through the filter of logic and practicality.

Virgo rising will experience a 7th house transit making relationships difficult.  This  is not needed in lockdown at the moment.   This can be
particularly difficult if you are known to have communications issues anyway.   Fuzzy minds are not able to communicate with partners well or learn routines or habits.  Virgos often attract spiritual partners and the conflict between their practical nature and their partner’s emotional nature can be frustrating.

The Shoulder stand in yoga can help the mind get a bit more focused and use the Warrior pose to activate the third eye to bring attention and alertness to work.



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