Sun enters Aries: April 13th

Sun moves into Aries, April 13th and is a bit weak today  entering the sign on April 13th as it is in the knotted area from 0-40 degrees Aries know as the gandanta.

Sun is exalted in Aries on April 23rd at 10 degrees Aries.    Exalted planets are often misinterpreted and my personal feeling is they have too much power and do exaggerated actions that are often out of balance. It also depends what rising sign you are for an impact but if you are born between April 13 – May 14th, you have the exalted Sun in your natal chart.

Uranus is the only planet interacting with the Sun into the April 24-27th th window within 2 degrees and exact on April 26nd which creates a revolutionary spirit, a love of freedom and strong desire to create reform with the strong energy of the exalted strong.   Expect max. blow-back toward confinement when this happens that weekend.   With the Sun too strong, leaders may push their agendas too strongly in a rough shod manner and ride over others.

I think the Sun in Aries will pick a lot of self-starting energy and so a good time to do projects and get a lot done. Sun will be in the constellation of Ashwini (Aries 0-13.20) April 13-267th, which is known, in modern astronomy as Alpha-Arietes and Beta-Arietes near the bright star of Andromeda.

Prash Trivedi notes that the symbol for Ashwini is a horse’s head representing a dauntless spirit of adventure and a headstrong nature. This transit usually fosters self- starters and energy to complete projects. It is also a very healing constellation and so there will be more energy for healing. The ruling deities are the Ashwini twins who ride in a golden chariot and shower healing energy down to the earth plane. They are the “Physicians of the Gods”. This is a nakshatra of initiation, revitalization and transformational healing. The ruling planet is Ketu (South Node of the Moon), which gives a mystical and mysterious bent to their life journey.

The first part of the transit is through Aries 0-3 degrees (April 13) and particularly between 0.00-0.48 is through the gandanta or karmic knot on April 13th. There is underlying strength to work out new beginnings in a new cycle of growth initiated by moving into the start of the zodiac. The energy is there to untie deep karmic knots, but frustrations will still come up strongly and given all the changes going on from the winter, there will be plenty to work on and heal. The Sun is too powerful here and Leo or Aries rising people may be too overbearing and burn others up. My exalted Sun friends who are Leo are way too intense to connect with. The ruling constellation of Ashwini in Ketu spurring you into new spiritual growth and development. So, go forth in action with new energy!

This is a 9th house transit for Leo inspiring new spiritual adventures and deep wisdom and pursuit of knowledge. It is always a highlight of the year for Leo rising if you have no natal planets afflicting the transit. This is still bhadaka position so there is a tendency to not be aware of ones power as a Guru or leader and to be blind to how you show up in the powerful advice you give to others.

Of course all transits are contextual to what Dasha cycle you are running, what rising sign you are, where your moon is placed, how many Ashtakavarga points you have in Aries for the Sun and what other natal planets you have in Aries so consult a professional astrologer.  If you need a reading, I am expanding my calendar now to do more reading so sign up for an interview at www.appliedvedicastrology under the Consultations tab and get an interview.

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