We are living in a world of media confusion and political jockeying and trying to understand and find the truth of what is really happening is difficult. We also have to hold onto hope which keeps us going and at the same time with four planets in Capricorn have to get real about planning our future. Capricorn commands us to take that step. I do think we will get a tension break after late June into the fall but to think that our economy or our world can get back to normal for a longer time. Pandemics create social and political and economic reorganization and this will continue into 2021 and part of 2022. Wars get started because of these imbalances and the Middle East and the falling price of oil are likely to create something there with Mars in Aries starting in August and then for a while in the first few months of 2021.

Our mind has a lot to do with our health and it is more powerful than the physical body. So having a good diet, getting exercise, keeping up your spiritual practices, staying out of negative thinking and strengthening your immune system will be important for a while. Stay positive and be practical and also know that we are given a gift of a human body and the Creator has given us a contract when its time to move to the next life and next body. There is nothing to fear in death as it is just taking off an old coat. Continue to help others in need and support charities that are benefiting others. There are a lot of people who need help and you want this like to be about how kind and compassionate you were to others and not how much toilet tissue you hoarded.

We still feel that we get a breath of fresh air and a break starting in early July as Pluto retrogrades back into Sagittarius along with Jupiter and they will at least create more optimism but Jupiter goes back into Capricorn for a year and Pluto goes back into Capricorn for 20 years by Dec. 31, 2020. Short-term positive transit needs will require the Sun to get out of Ardra Nakshatra (Gemini 6.40-20) June 25-July 5th and Mercury out of Ardra after July 25th and unfortunately, it will be in that constellation and retrograding in there for the most part between May 29-July 25th. The changes coming to our world are much too massive understand but we have to assume that they are necessary for economic rebalancing and spiritual restoration of human values. It will be a long process and the outcome is still in our hands to see if the light workers can impact the dark clouds of political incompetence and competition and bickering.

On the bright side, we have the Sun in Aries until May 14th and it will support health a bit more and give doctors a bit more clarity and energy to be the supermen we need them to be. It also gives us more hope and confidence. We also have Venus in Taurus until July 31st and that will allow for some semblance of social and relational orderliness. We have Rahu moving out the constellation of Ardra (Gemini 6.40-20.00) on April 22nd in the true node system and May 20th in the mean node system that that constellation has a historical link with pandemics in the past. It’s getting clearer that if we get back to work with masks and if they can increase quick and accurate testing that may be part of our life will go back to normal. Still, large parties, sporting events, large concerts, and other mass social events will be impacted for a while. People will be reluctant to travel and get on a plane. The problem is that too much damage has been done. We will have to deal with the reality of store and small business closings, mortgage and credit card defaults is going to continue for some time and it is naïve to think that even if people go back to work in June. that we can recover to a place that we were. People will not go to entertainment and restaurants as much and if they do they will do so with masks. Sporting events may be played in empty stadiums for a while if we are lucky. Like the aftermath of 9/11, people will not get back on airlines quickly. Amazon will thrive over malls and retail outlets and viruses just do not disappear and AIDS never did with 74 million still infected. Our way of life will change. If we do not handle supply chain shortages, we had better thinking about our gardens this summer or getting portable indoor greenhouses and that is a good thing to do for self-sufficiency.

The bad news is that Pluto does go back into Capricorn after Dec. 31, 2020, and a 2nd wave could easily happen and has been predicted as was the case with the Spanish Flu epidemic. These things just do not disappear.

While China has been pretending that they are back to normal, that is far from the truth and they are even concerned about a 2nd wave. China, the origin of the virus, is a Capricorn rising sign with Moon at 10 degrees ( Oct. 1, 1949, Bejing, 3:15 pm). Saturn will go over their natal moon in Jan. 2021 so I suspect the impact of a direct hit as part of their Sade Sat will continue to increase the impact on their country. Saturn and Pluto remain in Capricorn in 2021-2022 but they move away in impact. China will be most impacted because of their levels of cleanliness and it is the place of origin and it is so heavily populated but it is no longer isolated.

Saturn governs the immune system and there are things we can do to enhance the immune system. Take colostrum or other immune stimulants or astrangalus or other natural products that boost the immune system. Zinc is vital for blocking Virus reproduction and is very important along with Vitamin C and you all know that. I recently read that Spirulina is also a good natural remedy for this particular virus. Stay rested and keep your system strong.

Do not get caught up in negative thinking. Our articles are just to bring awareness to what could be triggered and our goal is to inspire you to be more aware of your body and taking care of it over the next year.

Stay rested and do not run around like a rabbit. If you are in a good period for your rising sign and are young, you might have minor problems but if you are in a Saturn period or sub-period and older, then more pronounced events can happen. Diet, exercise and proper care can prevent problems and just lead to minor glitches rather than major problems. Of course, consult your doctor and a trained professional as astrological advisor is no replacement for expert medical attention. So focus on health and stay out of fear. Help others and you will be taken care of.



The Vedic chart can be used to diagnose health issues and the emotional components and belief systems connected to them. This is a vast subject but we have to start somewhere. Indian astrologers were also versed in predicting longevity and many early readings always let someone know their time on the planet.

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