While only a 75 % aspect in traditional Vedic astrology, both planets have strong dignity and the exact square will be felt April 20-22 highlighting the tensions between the government and individual freedom and between leadership and governmental restrictions.   Sun conjunct Uranus on April 26th will climax unexpected uprising and revolts and increasing weekend protests around the governmental lock-down will develop.


Mercury moves into the end of Pisces which is known as the gandanta or emotionally knotted area where spiritual tensions and emotional grunge increases around emotional fears.  At Mercury moves into Aries he get quick start into  the material world but is still troubled in the early degrees. The Pisces/Aries gandanta highlights spiritual endings for the soul and the need to mature and move into the more rajasic material world.  It tends to create confusion around new roles in this incarnation and letting go of past patterns.   On a practical level, Mercury which governs writing and communications may have more problems April 24-25 as it is changing signs.

MERCURY IN ARIES:  April 24-May 8th: 

Mercury goes through an afflicted transit here as it gets squared by Saturn (75% aspect) into April 28th and it is in an enemies sign. At best Mercury in Aries creates fiery thinking so more arguments on Facebook will erupt as people get more angry about the lock-down.   There is a tendency for the mind to want to accomplish too much too fast and too talk fast and get angry.  The darker side of Mercury can create deceit around computer viruses or phone scams so stay on guard.   Sleep may be troubled and nervous strain develop for Gemini and Virgo rising and Taurus is not happy with this transit either.   Slow down and avoid risk/taking and avoid too drugs and alcohol as a way of trying to calm the overactive mind.

 The deepest purpose of astrology should allow us to see the Maya or illusion that runs through our mind and blocks us from seeing our own Divinity. Astrology should reveal our hidden patterns and not just affirm what we know about our self already. It is our hidden patterns and blind spots which get us into the most trouble and cause us the most suffering.​

Barry’s spiritual and psychological approach to astrology seeks to cut the puppet strings of the planets that impact our emotions and psychology and bind us to self-blame, doubt and fear, and anger. This useful guide will help you navigate your life.​


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