Having done Mundane astrology since 1988, I have always seen the importance of the outer planets for predicting world events.  We have written extensively about Pluto in Capricorn and the negative impact of Saturn  on it in creating Draconian power surges in our world leaders who suddenly have God complexes in exercising their will to force people to stay at home. They mean well for the  health of their people  and safety of the public but people’s job’s and income are being destroyed in a world where the economy has been on edge since the last economic meltdown.   There are no easy answers.  We do think that we will get relief after late June into the fall but we will have a second round into 2021 triggered by the winter eclipses and Pluto going back into Capricorn Dec, 31, 2020 for the next 20 years. We will be forced to make major changes in our life.

We do not get to write about Neptune very often because it moves so slowly staying 14 years in a sign but it is in  Purvabhadrapada (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3.20) known by Western astronomers as Pegasus.   The last time we had this transit was March 1853-April 1859.  It will stay in this constellation until March 2024!

While the outer planets are not a traditional part of Vedic astrology, I find them important for understanding collective behavior and if they impact sensitive points in your chart within 2 degrees by transit or in your natal chart, they can be rather impactful. As Dennis Harness has discussed, Narendra Desai saw an ancient Vasistha Nadi palm leaf in a museum in Madras, India, which predicted that three important grahas or planets would be discovered by the jyotishis of the Kali Yuga. The middle one, Varuna is known today as Neptune. “Varuna is the lord of the cosmic waters and is associated with the mysterious laws of fate. He is a powerful, mystical healer and is the lord of Maya or illusion. Varuna is the bestower of spiritual wisdom and the god of cosmic medicines. This sounds strikingly similar to the role and meaning of Neptune, god of the mystical seas, in modern tropical astrology.”

Neptune is now connected to Jupiter in this constellation in transit and is going to increase psychic and intuitive energies and spiritual idealism. With the positive connection to Jupiter through the nakshatra,  it will promote idealism, universality, compassion and spiritual bypassing where we shirk reality and use religion and spirituality to escape our personal problems.  When Jupiter is weak in Capricorn  (ie until June 29th and Nov. 2020-Nov. 2021)  it will channel Jupiter’s over-optimism and the two planets together can create too much false hope and not being grounded in reality.

On the level of mundane astrology, Neptune is connected to schemes, inflation, conspiracies, grand governmental plans so everything will get bigger in scope for growth ideals in this constellation. Neptune can deflate these bubbles, but the high hopes of Neptune/Jupiter connections can lead to mass inflation.  When Jupiter goes into Aquarius April 2021-April 2022, we  will not be able to avoid the hyperinflation that many in the world are worrying about.

Neptune also rules socialism, so the Bernie movement will probably come back strongly over the next 4 years and clearly this will happen as more and more people are off of work and needed government help.  The problem is that socialism often devolves into communism and then dictatorships as we have seen with the history of the world and currently in countries like Venezuela.

The darker side of the constellation of Pegasus is secret societies, sex scandals  and conspiracies and we have to be concerned that the” Deep State” will be emboldened with this transit to create more Neptunian fog and many think that is what is going on with the lock-downs.  If you follow the world of You Tube we have talks of a secret war being fought against the sex traffickers and child pornographers which we saw a bit of with Jeffrey Epstein and which were rumored in the Pizzagate scandal which the media has squashed for the most part now.   Part of Neptune in this constellation is to create fog and lack of clarity.   There is a huge battle going on and its hard to know what to believe.  Is the country being liberated from the deep state and their dark world embodied in this this constellation or is Donald Trump the anti-Christ destroying the planet?   Many think it will end soon but the length of this transit into 2024 means it may take longer.   Usually the truth is somewhere in the middle but our world is very polarized.

This leaves us wondering do stay in doors forever now and let our government throw token helicopter money at us or do we go out and protest and die from spreading the illness?   Both choices are terrible.   Is Robert Kennedy Jr. correct in fighting Bill Gates and the vaccine crusade or do we hopefully wait for a vaccine that may never happen as we have 30 mutations of the virus already and we may never find one.

While I have my opinions, the point is that the Neptunian fog and media spinning from Rahu in Gemini has distorted our ability to see the truth and not sure the media or the government want us to know the truth.   A few years back I talked about Neptune in this constellation (Aquarius 20.00-Pisces 3.20) and noted that we would have more sex scandals as the dark side of this constellation is  connected with  negative human traits including paranoia, pessimism, debauchery, violence, cruelty and erratic sexual behavior.  There are many who believe the Vatican is part of a huge sex scandal and much of that has come out now with Priests who are pedophiles being asked to leave.  But many feel there is more.  The Jeffrey Epstein revelations and the continues revelations of the ME TOO movement are a reminder that these sexual scandals are unfolding and may not be over until 2024.  Saturn going into this constellation into April 2024 may finally end this.    But in the meantime, where is the truth?  Neptune is too busy creating fogs of illusion and leaves us not knowing what to believe>

Historically, we saw this the last time Neptune went through this constellation  in 1853. For example, in October 1853, on the East coast of the United States, Donald McKay launches the Great Republic, the world’s biggest sailing ship, which at 4,500 tons is too large to be successful. It sank.

Most of you know that the Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned with shareholders in foreign countries.   The United States has been under economic tyranny ever since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was signed into law by then president Woodrow Wilson. In its 107-year history, any independent government or private agency has never once audited the Federal Reserve. There is a total lack of transparency where the Federal Reserve is concerned.   Many think that with the latest financial crisis and its merger with the US treasury, that we have a chance to breakthrough these forces that have been holding us hostage.  In the meantime, money is being printed out of thin air and this never ends well.

In 2017, we noted a climax with all of this going into 2019-2020. It is happening now and will not have an easy resolution.   Major societal and economic changes are happening and they are ultimate for the good but very painful in the process.    Help others, donate to charity and continue to search for the truth.  Do not lose your critical thinking.  Do not just believe everything that MSNBC and CNN feed you but also know that all the blogs we are

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