We have talked about the Saturn/Pluto cycle for a number of years and they were conjunct in early January but they remain close together.  Pluto is now retrograding backwards away from Saturn and that is good news.   Pluto just went into sidereal Capricorn on Feb. 24th joining Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto will stay there and then retrograde out of sidereal Capricorn on June 29th. Since there are no fences in the sky and they are both in the same constellation of Uttarashadha (Sag. 26.40-Capricorn 10.00) they are going to be very close together the entire year.

Saturn/Pluto conjunctions associations bring life-changing global events, fear of loss, disturbing power  grabs and restrictions, draconian power grabs and assertions of governmental authority and crises that chance the structures of society.   It is also connected to transforming the working class as Saturn is the significator for the common man and empowering them to fight for their rights.  It also can create compulsive austerity and create crises around security.  In the sign of  Capricorn it is connected to government, business structures, policies and governmental laws and public institutions and engineering the building of infrastructure. Expect a new deal type infrastructure rebuild as American bridges and highways  and roads need major work and it has been the 50’s since major money went into building America.  But with Capricorn, everything is slow and takes  a long time so not until April 2022 when Saturn goes into Aquarius will there be a sense that some phase of it is done.

Saturn likes to create borders and boundaries and flex its muscles with its authority. Governments are becoming intense with this and maybe they need to be but in some cases, it is too much. No wonder, governors and world Presidents have become   become crazier in controlling the virus using its totalitarian energies. Pluto conjunct Saturn warps and distorts Saturn making it more paranoid, apocalyptic and bringing out the darker side of Saturn. Traditional Vedic astrologers not familiar with Pluto were dancing at the thought of Saturn going into Capricorn its own sign but they forgot to take into account that Pluto is a first-class malefic of mass psychology that can sink Pluto into deeply subconscious fears. It is creating apocalyptic mass hysteria and some of it is very real.

Pluto is moving toward conjunction with Jupiter into late June and then they both retrograde back into Sagittarius and that will lighten things for the summer and fall a bit.  Still we are not out of the woods. Many predict a 2nd wave that will more difficult hitting in the fall and the hysteria of it will be back with Pluto back in Capricorn for 20 years starting Dec. 31, 2020.

This has us concerned about the next few years until Jupiter gets into Pisces in April 2022 but with Saturn in Aquarius April 2022 -March 2025 and with Jupiter in Aquarius April 2021- April 2022, we are going to have to deal with massive societal transformation.  The old way of doing things will not work. This is a good thing but will it be painful and apocalyptic or will the world rise to the occasion?   Our big concern is that when world economics break then world politics break and then world conflicts erupt.   China has definitely shown itself to be a predator as has Iran and will the powers that be allow more than economic wars and cyberwars  to erupt?   China has strong ambitions now to be No. 1 and will the US put up a fight or not?

We are sensing that this pandemic will go into 2021 and not be over until 2022 and that many more lives will be lost.   Still modern   medicine and hygiene have advanced too far for it to be as bad as the 2018-20 pandemic but we all fear mutations or additional crazy outbreaks and we are in a time window where we have to stay on top of our health.    Still, the media at their worst with Rahu in Gemini, are feeding the mass hysteria and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is feeding the fear of the unknown that Pluto so deep represents. As I have written before, we cannot ignore the Coronavirus and Saturn should be giving us a wake-up call to take better care of our health and move us toward spirituality. . Sugar, dairy, meat, and eggs provide breeding grounds to feed viruses. This may be a time to change your diet and cut back on foods. Time to get better rest and increase your immune system with products like Collostrom, Gaia Whole Body Defense, and Olive Leaf extract which increase the immune system. Quercetin, which is made from the skins of the berries of Acerola.which is often a key component in Vitamin C complexes, is very effective in fighting viruses also. If you stay healthy, you are going to be less vulnerable.  Avoid dairy as it is hard on the liver and increases mucus build-up. Still the Corona Virus is so mysterious and it also attacks the heart and the kidneys (Saturn aspects onto Cancer and Libra) and we have to stay on top of exercise and do everything we can to stay health.

I am reminded by my dear friend, Juliana Swanson of Saturn’s curse which means even the best astrologers can only be 70% right.  The world has some level of free will and with Mars going into Aquarius , May 4-June 18th,  we will definitely see a pick up in social unrest of people remained trapped under lock-down. Each area of the world has different needs but we do think that by July,  there will be some venturing out more and restoration but there will be too much fear for people to go to movie theaters, Disneyland, packed restaurants or empty malls and the world will continue to move inward and online.

I am continuing to work on the world outlook for my financial publications and will report more.   I am concerned about Pluto going back into Capricorn and staying with Saturn until late April 2022 so there will be no easy solutions and major return to the way things were.  We are in a major societal and political and economic transformation and these things are never easy but in the end they are necessary.  Special thanks to Muhammad Irmam for some of his thoughts on Saturn/Pluto




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