We have Mercury and Venus and the Sun   in the fixed signs of Taurus now and Mars in a fixed sign of Aquarius we are likely to stay entrenched in polarization and belief structures.   Fixed signs are slow to change and have difficulty changing direction when something new is needed and tend to be more stubborn and entrenched in ego.   The world has this  problem and  if we stay fixed in a belief and cannot let go and see the truth and let in opposing positions, then we are likely to stay stuck and suffer.  .   I recently was reminded with some Leo clients with Saturn in Leo, a fixed sign, that when weak, it can get entrenching the ego in order to be right and protect oneself and not being able to budge or flow or change.

When I was young, my grandmother taught me that all Republicans were evil and I carried this view well into adulthood. Of course there are good Republicans and bad Democrats and to judge anyone in such a polarized way is destructive.  Unfortunately, our whole country is divided around this issue.  Its good to see both sides. I have always been behind the poor and working class with my exalted Saturn but at the same time as a businessman, I see the practical side of balanced budgets and capitalism.  There are always two sides and the truth is in between.   But we get rather entrenched in our belief structures and we are not willing to let go and will argue about being right because if we do not our delicate ego will be destroyed.   It is all maya. It is particularly difficult with the polarization of our country and the media to decide unless we use our critical mind.    Our beliefs are always changing–and they should be.

The current fight over lock-down vs. freedom to reopen is huge.  Clearly if you are high risk and working with high risk people  you  need to be protective but do we destroy and impoverish everyone else?  Will this virus ever disappear or do we focus on strengthening our diet and immune system and being protective of others using common sense such as Sweden has done.     There are so many unknowns but this virus is clearly drawing complicated political lines and destroying peoples lives.

Dennis Prager, of PJmedia.com  is rather glaring about where we are at with the lock-down:

One of the thousands of unpaid garment workers protesting the lock-down in Bangladesh understands the situation better than almost any health official in the world:      “We are starving. If we don’t have food in our stomach, what’s the use of observing this lockdown?”  But concern for that Bangladeshi worker among the world’s elites seems nonexistent.      The lock-down is “possibly even more catastrophic (than the virus) in its outcome: the collapse of global food-supply systems and widespread human starvation” (italics added).

That was published in the left-wing The Nation, which, nevertheless, enthusiastically supports lockdowns. But the American left cares as much about the millions of non-Americans reduced to hunger and starvation because of the lockdown as it does about the people of upstate New York who have no incomes, despite the minuscule number of coronavirus deaths there. Or about the citizens of Oregon, whose governor has just announced the state will remain locked down until July 6. As of this writing, a total of 109 people have died of the coronavirus in Oregon.’  –Dennis Prager, PJmedia.com

There are solution to these problems as Sweden and Japan and Korea have shown but are state politicians more interested in destroying the country and their people to hold onto their beliefs?    Wisconsin’s Supreme Court just ruled against the Governor of Wisconsin ability to keep things locked down and if you read the law, they were right.     Georgia’s case load is going down and they have been open since May 1st.

The US bi-partisan inquiry into Donald Trump and Russian collusion went on 3 years and cost 50 million dollar and they found no evidence of collusion even as CNN and MSNBC pushed a vindicative political agenda  and anti-Trump tirade for years with no factual basis.   I spent years worshipping Rachel Maddows on MSNBC and her brilliant intellect and her crusade against George Bush but then more recently I find her concern for the truth is lost in politics.   She was recently sued over getting her facts wrong and destroying people’s lives.   Chuck Todd’s recent deliberate edit of the Barr interview to push his political agenda is another wake up call to how much we are being lied to and manipulated. Where is Walter Cronkite and the tradition of honest journalism when we need them most?   I have searched long and hard for the truth of how our world is run and what is happening behind the scenes and it is ugly but the answers are not in the mainstream media and you have to dig deep to really find the truth.

Please stand up and fight for truth, freedom and justice and do not get stuck in politics and manipulation.   Its not about whether you like Trump or not, its about ethics and truth.    What is happening to our world when we are more interested in destroying people because of our beliefs and political values.  This is not going to end well.

We would rather destroy a relationship  rather than let go of what we think is right or having our ego not willing to bend and let in an opposing opinion     The world is losing critical thinking now and  of it or our illusion mind will think it is crumbling if we  possibly let in new truths or stay open to opposing views.      When we are stuck, we are unable to see the truth and let in opposing ideas this keeps up stuck.   Finding the truth now is very difficult with Rahu, the planet of confusion in the sign of Gemini the sign of Libra.

Please do not get into political arguments with me. That is not the purpose of this article. I see both sides.   I neither want to be Republican or Democratic but I do want truth,  justice and fairness and not lies, manipulation. Help others and let go of stuckness. Do good research and search for the truth and support the health and welfare of everyone no matter if they are Republican or Democrat or what their political views are.   Fight for fairness before you are thrown in jail for taking a walk or opening up your salon or store in order to feed your family as was the case with a woman in Texas recently. The US is at a  vital juncture point with the Pluto return into 2024 and either we transform or we will perish. It is up to you and your free will and your openness to not destroy our world or to stay stuck in your beliefs.  There is always room for more than one opinion!

The spiritual lesson is that it is all maya and changing illusion and smoke and mirrors.  Our true essence is beyond politics and beliefs and judgments.  Are we willing to transcend these and find the core of our essence which is LOVE  or be stuck in the small ego of being right!



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