Venus is combust by the Sun which means it is not visible in the sky and hidden from view until June 8th.  Sun/Venus combustion can raise jealous issues so remember to praise others and appreciate others at this time and help them and applaud their success and good fortune.  It is also receiving and exact square from Mars in transit on Tuesday, June 2nd which can lead to relationship friction and fighting or intense passion so find a way to channel your fighting energy toward your partner with artistic expression or great sex.

This energy would normally create strong passionate expression and artistic creative energies for artists but with the afflictions can lead to major relationship outbursts. If the sexual/creative energy is not allowed to express itself it can lead to major conflicts. Best outlet for frustrated energy would be to do some wild dancing, take a craft class, sing loudly with the radio turned up or go on a wild shopping spree or create a massive artistic dinner with friends that you are not likely to get into fights with.

The conjunction can also lead to manipulative energy in relationships  and cause annoyances and friction and problems so remember to accept people with all their imperfections or you will likely be seething with anger.   Take care of your the reproductive organs as problems can happen during this transit.     If you are feeling friction, take a walk and get out the house rather than get into battle with your partner.

Taurus and Libra rising signs in Vedic astrology may continue to experience intense fatigue as the Sun moves toward Venus into June 3rd   and it will not be free until after June 8th   so get extra rest and watch over-eating or zoning out watching too many movies or you will get exhausted.

I learn a lot from my Western astrological friends. While combustion is one of the most damaging things for a planet in Vedic astrology,   it turns out total combustion within the last degree is a blessing.  Venus will be conjunct the Sun in the Eastern US on Wednesday, June 3rd  at 1:44 pm  EDT but other parts of the world will experience it a bit later  and since Venus rules Friday and it will be within 40 minutes of the Sun by late Friday, afternoon, it looks like there will be wonderful support  for artistic creation then next few days.

The exact conjunction of the Sun with Venus on June 3rd  can be a really good thing and is  called cazimi and comes from medieval astrology and it used to refer to planets that are so close to a conjunction with the Sun that they are “in the heart” of the Sun. They actually become energized by the Sun and their most positive qualities come out. This will be a positive for June 3rd    when Venus is within 40 minutes of the Sun.    An example of cazimi is Oprah Winfrey who has a cazimi Venus in her natal chart; it has made her an incredible star to women and brought out her acting and relationship abilities with the public to a pinnacle.

Venus  Cazimi on June 3rd should be a great day for creativity, artistic development and love.  It may increase socializing , luxuriating,  going out for fun and amusement.  If you are a woman, it may create incredible magnetism and make you Queen for a day and you will attract men more easily.  Good day to hit the drawing board if you are an artist.    This fulcrum point will last just a day and then the problem issues with Venus combust will return until June 8th


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