We are in wild times with the riots, the request for re-allocating money from the police departments,  the toppling of the statues  in London of great leaders like Lincoln and Churchill as well as slave owners and confederates  and the occupation of 6 blocks in Seattle by a radical group.  As a Jyotishi  I need to stay politically neutral and I tend to see both sides of all of these events.  I grew up in 60’s and was part of the Hippy movement and anti-Vietnam war sentiment. I also had a girlfriend on the South Side of Chicago and read books like Black Like Me where a white man goes through a pigment skin change through a special treatment and spends months in the South reporting what it was like.   One cannot help feeling the deep pain and anguish of our times and of our brothers and  at the same time in my 60’s now, I can see the more conservative needs or our society.   The answer to all these problems is always somewhere in the middle.   Jupiter and Venus are strong now with Mars in Jupiter’s constellation and Venus in it own sign of Taurus and without their influence, I think things could be more difficult.   The second half of June looks more challenging.

Mars is moving to square the North Node Rahu into June 26th exactly and it has been the Mars/Rahu connection with Rahu in the constellation of Mrigashira owned by Mars (Taurus 23.40-Gemini 6.40) that has been one of the energies behind the revolutionary energy.  Gandhi and Lincoln both of Mars /Rahu conjunctions in their chart so that means action to change and revolutionize society.    With Mars squaring Rahu into late June, that energy will be more intense and violent and when Mars goes into Saturn’s constellation of Uttarbhadapada (Pisces 3.20-16.40) there will be a Mars/Saturn association which will also peak into June 28th sextile from Mars to Saturn exact into June 28th.   This will all bubble up more anger and frustration and revolutionary energy into the end of the month.   For those of us who grew up in the 60’s it was very real and we had a lot of dedication for creating a better world and that is always a good thing  but it can get out of balance quickly. In the end bringing attention to racial inequality and our police state is a good thing and working on solutions is good thing but not sure how many of you will live in Minneapolis without a police department?

The Solar Eclipse of June 20-21st is a 5 degrees Gemini and is opposite the US ascendant is the eclipse is square by Mars and has a close 6/8 angle with Saturn and luckily benefic Mercury is going to help a bit there and is at least in the gracious constellation of Purnavasu (Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20) so it may allow so positive energy. Still the chance of a major conflict with a world power on a verbal or other level is there in the eclipse and could manifest within a month and that on top of domestic craziness and is not going to make an easy time of it.

Venus goes stationary direct on June 25th and is very powerful in the sky in Taurus for 3-5 days before and afterwards and that may keep the world from falling apart so there are always some benefic energies at play holding up the world.

Jupiter/Pluto  conjunction repeats on June 30th and in past articles we have talked about it supporting scientific discovery and may be this time it will come up with something for the Covid crisis.  As Ronnie Dreyer has pointed out,  Jupiter/Pluto was connected in 1955-6 in the sign of Leo  with the Rosa Parks and the bus boycotts and  happened in 1955-6  on  11/2/1955, 2/7/56, 7/16/56.   This year it happened on  April 5, and will repeat retrograde on June 20th and then again on Nov. 12th.  As she noted, other events  in 1955-56 included the  beginning of Vietnam War, the Suez Crisis, and Hungarian revolt against the Soviet Union.  Our sense is that Jupiter/Pluto in Sagittarius will offer a chance to find justice and equality and overcome draconian power grabs but come 2021 when Pluto goes into Capricorn for 20 years, we are going to have to work much harder to create social change and overcome the power elite.

Fascinating times.  Always a good Netflix movie.  To be continues in Season 2!  Enjoy.   God is running the show so enjoy the play.

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