For spiritual people, I think there are more choices on the karmic freeway.  Sometimes we choose to get off at exit 6 and sometimes at exit 8 and in both cases we may miss exit 7.   I do sense that for spiritual developed people we are given more schools to grow in rather than hard and fast karma that hits in the face.  If we do spiritual practice, give to charity and do service work we can shift our karma. If we are meant to get a bullet in the heart, maybe through spiritual practice it just grazes our shoulder or goes through our hat and misses us. Such is the power of spirituality.  For the collective consciousness of the world, I also do not think it is set in stone.

People email me about the future of the US and the World and it is on all our minds. The future is not set in stone and at best any astrologer can be is 70%.   There are a lot of difficult choices we as a people need to make.  Do we cower in fear and stay in our homes and forget the Bill of Rights and wait for Bill Gates and Dr. Facci to inject us with mandatory vaccines or are we pro-active, protect our elderly and higher risk people and support our immune systems with Vitamin D, Vitamin C, fresh air, sunshine, and other immune system supports?  Why do we never hear about alternatives beyond Big Pharma to the rescue?

The future of the US and the world is also in our hands with free will.  Do we continue to get duped by the media play into the Globalist agenda and their quest to take away our freedoms.   If you think the US is bad, look at the UK.  They have recently outlawed recreational sex outside of the homes to stop spreading the virus and have huge fines if you are not wearing masks.  As we have outlined in all  our Pluto in Capricorn articles, there are people that are trying to enslave and take away basic freedoms.   Why are Hassidic Jews forced from praying and burying their dead in groups while protestors are allowed to march and create riots?   Why were abortion clinics allowed to stay open as essential while religious places of prayer remained closed?   In high schools, the requirements to study High School civics were dismantled years ago. No wonder our young people have no idea about basic American freedoms and the Bill of Rights.

With Jupiter retrograding into Sagittarius the 2nd half of the year, I feel we have a last chance to get it right and exercise our free will and prevent more Plutocracy and massive government control which will try to show up when Pluto goes back into Capricorn 2020-2040.   There is an underlying assumption that if  Donald Trump is not President that we will have utopia and the forces that be are hard at work to take him out.    The problems that our world has were created long before he became President with both Republican and Democratic leaders.    The Nov. election will be a free will exercise whether our democracy or call it oligarchical corporatocracy  continues or whether we devolve into chaos like a banana republic with naive notions that getting rid of the police will reduce violence against black minorities.  The New York police department disbanded it undercover group and violence dramatically increase 5 fold in the last month.


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Firstly, I do not think that everything in our life is written in stone and can be predicted with 100% accuracy. I often think there are alternative universes available that our free will and intention can shift karma. It’s a bit like that movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow. She meets one boyfriend when she catches the train and meets someone else when the doors close and she misses the train. Other science fiction writers have played with this theme of multiple possibilities. When we are aware of the problem and choose not to repeat the same mistake, we can create an alternative universe. I often see in charts that the dasha period will set up a school to bring up the issues but with meditation, service, awareness and poise, we can make new choices and
create an alternative universe.

While some karma is very hard and does have to hit us, as we meditate and do good deeds and become more conscious and aware, I think karma comes back more softer and that we are given schools to karma to work out and choices to make. Often, I think the astrology sets up a situation and how we act up on it this time is dependent on our judgment and free will.

In  my 60’s now, and I have changed my focus on prediction and moved a bit more toward helping people understand the karmic schools that they are in and the karmic lessons that are needed. I think spiritual people who do spiritual practice are not always hit by  hard karma at this point of their evolution but are given choices as to whether they are going to get it right this time in their work or relationship or taking care of their health.  It is always a lot like my favorite movie Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray from 1993. Do we make the same mistakes again and suffer or do we see our blind spots and make new choices.  Spiritual awareness, grace and meditation all make a difference.   We do have choice at difference junctures. I often see tendencies that are up but I am reluctant to to predict outcomes because we can make new choices and the light of the Jyotish Guru should help you and guide you.

Often clients want us to give a definitive yes or no that it will go this way and the best astrologers can be is 70%. More often than not, we can see the karma coming up but how you deal with it is up to you. Even if there is a health condition coming up, if it is connected to the
6th house, through discipline and diet and awareness we can change the outcome. Eight house karmas can be more difficult and more acute but even 8th house issues are beckoning us to transform and transcend and if are on up of what we need to do for certain areas of our life, they do not have to hit us. I think there are early warning systems available but once in a while stuff hits us out of the blue. When we are aware of the problem and choose not to repeat the same mistake, we can create an alternative universe.  I often see in charts that the dasha period will set up a school to bring up the issues but with meditation, service, awareness and poise, we can make new choices and create an alternative universe. Hence, awareness from a reading may allow us to see our blind spots.

I do think the 2nd half of the year is better but I do see challenges hitting us strong Dec. 2020-May 2021.   In the end we have to take care of people in our neighborhoods and communities and not expect anyone in government to save us and make our lives utopian.


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