Rahu moves into Taurus  this week.  and is exalted there but what does that really mean? Exalted malefics have the ability to cause more trouble and we have seen that with Rahu in Gemini the past 1.5. Rahu does well in Taurus as it is into the earthy, material side of life. It is very crafty and savvy so you can learn how to manage the material world and know how to manage resources. Rahu and Venus are friends so Rahu in Taurus supports sexual expression and procreation and Rahu does benefit from Venus’s wisdom so he is less compulsive. Artistic expression is enhanced as well as supporting the arts, media, and entertainment but Saturn aspect’s onto Libra into May  2022 is dampening this energy also.  Rahu in Taurus and Ketu in Scorpio can learn to balance the material and spiritual dimensions of life and live 200%. (we wrote about Ketu in Scorpio last week. )

Rahu in Taurus is in the natural second sign of the zodiac so cravings for more money, more food, more new clothes, and jewelry will come up during the transit. Aspect from Rahu will now go to Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn and this will increase material desires also. We had hoped that Rahu moving out of Gemini would dampen the smoke mirrors crisis we have with the media but Rahu does aspect the next sign from itself full according to Sanjay Rath and his tradition and I  have found it to be true.


Rahu will be particularly out of balance in mid-September  until Oct. 13th when it is in early degrees (sandhi) of Gemini and in late degrees of Taurus.  This can create an eerie glimpse into the subconscious and weird obsessive thoughts and excessive confusion.

Planets at the beginning or end of a sign are a bit lost. It’s like packing up all your stuff and waiting for the movers to come and then not finding anything when you land and hence 29-1 degrees will be problematic also after the move into the new home.

If you are in a Rahu or Ketu period or primarily ruled by Ketu for Scorpio rising or primarily ruled by Rahu for Aquarius rising or if you have the nodes close to your ascendant lord or in the first house or if you have key planets at 29-1 degree of water and fire signs, the emotions are a bit crazy and the psychology is a bit distorted. Rahu has a great deal to do with subconscious patterns and shadows and I have been amazed at how much garbage comes up but the energy seems stronger to act on it because the psychology is more warped and stressful. Most of the world will reach for a drink or a pill or cigarette but spiritual folks have to chant Durga mantras and do extra meditation and yoga to deal with it and it does not go away easily. Not sure we will fell it fully lift until early April and then we have to deal with Saturn/Ketu/Pluto.

Rahu when afflicted by being sandhi or on the edge can be more anxious or paranoid, feels constrained by forces beyond his control, victimized by overpowering forces, may have more nightmares or difficult dreams, or be a bit manic-depressive. If you have your Sun or Moon a 0-1 degree of the water signs, Gemini you probably will fell this more or if you are Aquarius rising which is co-ruled by Rahu or if you are in a Rahu period or a Dasha period where Rahu is the nakshatra lord. It could also lead to emptiness leading toward addictive patterns, frustration, sorrow, dejection, and psychological intensity and mental anguish.

Ketu on the edge 0-1 degree Sag. and 29-1 Scorpio can have a strong desire to change directions in life, wants to give up material attachment, feels disillusioned, has difficult emotional knots to unravel, feels unsettled and his emotional distortions may tend toward self-isolation. may feel stuck in the past with regrets. If you are in a Ketu period, ruled by Scorpio, or have the Sun or the Moon or key planets at 0-1 Sagittarius or 29 degrees Scorpio, you may intensely feel this energy then.

If you are on a spiritual path, what do you do? Those of us on a spiritual path have to go through them. Feel them deeply. The process of feeling them can facilitate their deep release. What are we afraid of? Are we really those stupid feelings or something bigger? Go deep into them and the attention of your consciousness will facilitate their release.


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Rahu retrograded into this constellation last  May 20th in the mean node system and will bring a sigh of relief from the storms of Ardra or Betelgeuse (Gemini 6.40-20.00) which has been connected to major pandemics. This will be one energy that needs to lift to help bring some relief.

Mrigishira is formed by three faint stars at the head of the constellation of Orion. The constellation is very spiritual and promotes moksha and spiritual liberation and inspires people to study religion and philosophy. The shakti of Mrigishira is the “power to give fulfillment” so a good time to rub your genie’s lamp and ask for a boon.

Rahu will stay in that constellation until Jan. 26, 2021 in the mean node system. It will use the energy to quest for spiritual freedom from the recent shackles of house arrest and will promote movement toward meditation and other spiritual forces. This fall now, you will have to be cautious about getting into drugs and other mind-altering escapes which the dark-side of this constellation can move toward particularly when Rahu is at 26.40-29.59 Taurus in the Scorpio pada Sept 26-Oct. 26, 2020 in the mean node system.

The challenge with Rahu in this constellation is that it can be restless in its spiritual searching and change paths too quickly. If you want to hit the water, you cannot dig twenty — 10 feet holes and expect to reach the goal. You have to stick with one and go deep. Rahu channeling Mars’s energy can be difficult as it can create rash action and run around too much and it has to learn to stay calm and focused. With Ketu still in Mula nakshatra until Sept 23th in the mean node system, there will be deep questing for enlightenment and spiritual questing and the trick will be to go deeper with one path.

Rahu in a Mars-ruled Nakshatra can pervert the energy and increase violence, anger and aggression and a lack of sensitivity. This may come out more when Mars is in Aries during the transit into Oct. 3rd when social unrest and revolutionary energies will be up – particularly if lock-down does not get released. With Mars in Pisces, the spiritual questing energy will come out more again when it is retrograde Oct 4-Dec. 23rd, 2020. 

Mrigashira is one of the better Mars nakshatras but it is still restless. At its worse with malefic like Rahu going through it, it can create self-indulgence and temptation for sensual pleasures—particularly in the Taurus side which happens after Sept. 23rd in the mean node system. Rahu will disrupt the positive side of this constellation that is sensitive and tender and practical and try to create chaos but getting involved in too many sensual pleasures. The trick will be to use this time to deepen your spiritual path.

The symbol of Mrigashra is the deer. Life is always a coexistence of opposites as the deer symbol brings out the timid, light, and fragile wandering qualities of this constellation which seem opposed to the warrior nature of Mars. But in this sense, the greatest spiritual warrior heroes of the Ramayana and Gita, Hanuman and Arjuna, embody the constellation’s deep quest for liberation and getting to the truth of the matter. If your Sun, Moon or rising sign is in this constellation, it gives you a deep yearning for something greater in your life. The deity of the constellation is Soma, connected to the Moon and the life and vital subtle forces that are created to manifest the physiological components of enlightenment.

For now, enjoy the quest for Truth and something higher in this very pure constellation and my favorite of all, Orion, the spiritual warrior. Special thanks to our cover photo of Orion to Akira Fujj of Spacetelescope.org.  Special thanks to Komilla Sutton for her guidance over the years and knowledge around the nodes.

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