Venus moves into Leo on Sunday at 14:21 EDT.    This Saturn and Sunday, Venus is at the end of Cancer and in the emotional knotted area called the gandanta as it moves out of the water sign  of Cancer and moving into the fire sign. Leo.  It is a time to let go of emotional attachments and entanglements and free yourself for the fire power of Leo that wants to act and move forward and create.    Venus in Leo can amplify feelings and passion  and support the business of artistic development  and getting acclaim in shows or being more successful with art sales or performances would naturally be up if it were not for the time of COVID. It also support actors and actresses and our love of luxuries , beauty and will promotes strong affections.

Venus in Magha Nakshatra  (Leo 0-13.20) Sept. 27-Oct 9th  can lead to too many desires including more fame and power and ultimately after an initial high, the let-down will lead to deflation of ego and dissatisfaction. Venus in its own nakshatra of Purva Phalguni  Oct 9th-19th will also increase sensual desires and passions and this can lead to an obsession with needing to be too beautiful in order to placate nagging self-criticism.  Jupiter trining Venus into Oct 19th and impacting Oct 15-22nd will increase desires for spending, sensual and sexual indulgence  but can be felt as a happy and expansive time but watch that extra piece of cheesecake and put your credit cards away if you are shopping online if you need to stay on a budget.

In the end, Venus always has fun in Leo ] but watch the dark side of the ego coming out in Leo where the need for too much attention can lead to disappointments.


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