Between COVID and the political scene and threats of new lock-downs in Europe there is not a lot to cheer about.   Oct is never our favorite month as the Sun goes into Libra Oct. 16th and gets to the exact point of debilitation into Oct 27th.   The Sun  is also squared exactly by the Saturn  (270 degree aspect) into Oct 18th making the week of Oct. 18-27th particularly depressing with low energy and also a low point for leadership abilities. Given the poor judgment of governors and world leaders locking down their populations and some uprisings happening, there may be a peak of these energies into Oct. 18-26th.  Luckily Jupiter is still strong in the sky and will uplift the Sun starting Oct. 30th when Jupiter goes into the constellation of Uttarashadha (Sag. 26.40-Capricorn 10).  Also the Sun transiting into Vishaka nakshatra (Nov 6-19) will also be uplifted by Jupiter and give us some more hope and optimism and light but usually as we move into Halloween and All Soul’s Day, it always feels dark and depressing and it is my least favorite time of the year. Scorpio rising particularly feels this one as it is a 12th house transit.

Mercury goes retrograde on Oct. 13th-Nov. 3rd this year in Libra in the constellation of Swati nakshatra.  It is not afflicted by Saturn or Mars or Ketu but is connected with Rahu through the constellation of Swati and this can increase problems with computer piracy or hacking problems or ransomware problems so stay on top  of protecting your computer and avoid clicking on ads that are too good to be true.    It will be direct on Nov. 3rd during election day and but no one is expecting results and even 8 states are allowing votes to be counted up to 6 days later.   Mercury retrograde impacts certain rising signs more than others and Gemini and Virgo will benefit from the retrograde in Libra but Scorpio Rising and Aquarius rising and Aries Rising and Taurus Rising and Leo rising may have the most trouble with it.

We have written about Mars retrograde into Pisces on Oct. 3rd and being in the emotional knotted area until Oct. 13th where it will move away from solid action and want to retreat into the spiritual world and into spiritual service.   Still it is a friend’s sign and Jupiter, is well placed in transits and Scorpio will do well with spiritual practice during this transit whereas Aries rising will have to deal with expenses and wanting to go on spiritual retreats.  Mars does not go direct until Nov. 13th. Mars also gets hit by a Pluto Square into Oct 9th exactly and it would be felt most on Oct. 6th and 13th.  For Scorpio and Aries rising, this can create great energy for transformation, increase ambition and lead to exhaustion if you do too much. It can create ego imbalances and make people too arrogant and can lead to fighting if you stay stuck in a position.   Be careful of accidents if you have any unreleased anger or resentment.  Because this is occurring in late degrees, it may make one more vulnerable to emotional and energetic exhaustion.

Venus moves into Virgo on Oct. 22nd into Nov. 16th.   Venus in Virgo can be more critical about relationships and has to lighten up and let love flow and not pick at everything that is not right. For Libra rising, this is a 12th house transit and it can around sexual energies or sensual indulgences and over-spending so watch this.  Good time for Libra to take a spiritual retreat and rest more as energy levels are low and not a time to take on new projects.

Everyone will ask me to predict the election. I get no satisfaction around this and 1/2 of you will be unhappy and in the end it is naive to think any politician will solve our complex problems. Stay out of the media’s game to create hate and division and realize that you have to make a difference in your own communities by doing volunteer and charity work to help those in needs.

Rahu is in Taurus now but it Sanjay Rath’s tradition, it is aspecting Gemini now and it also aspects the next Nakshatra next to it which would be Ardra. Hence our hopes for getting out of media smoke and mirrors and censorship and fake news may still take another 1.5 years.    Rahu moves into Rohini Nakshatra on Jan. 26th and it will no longer aspect the troublesome and destructive Ardra.   We still continue to have concerns that the Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn which continues into April 4th when Jupiter goes into Aquarius will repeat last spring’s poor judgment by elected officials and moving toward power grabs and lock-downs and control rather than following better models which have worked in Denmark and Sweden where life has returned to normal.  The  Jupiter/Saturn conjunction  tends to be a major economic and political turning point always for the world every twenty years and it peaks into Dec. 20th and Jupiter has poor judgment and poor ethics in Capricorn and I am concerned that our quest for law and order and justice will meet with challenges. I am still hopefully with Jupiter in Sagittarius into Nov. 20th that we can clear up some of the craziness and corruption in the world.    Have a great month.

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