Everyone will want me to predict the election and what will happen to our world and half of you will be unhappy if I do and stay caught up in the naïve notion that any politician cares enough about his people and our world to really create massive change for the people. I continue to urge you to get into your communities and volunteer and make a difference on a local level.  Politicians are interested in power and money and it is the nature of Rahu which is so often a signature in their charts with Sun conjunct Rahu or Moon conjunct Rahu.   a Rahu comes corruption, lack of ethics, and has qualities of self-centeredness.  The days of great statesmen are gone and not sure where John F Kennedy is when we really need him.

Everyone is expecting post-election chaos and the stars are not supporting a smooth transition. Saturn squares (10th house aspect)  a stationary Mercury the week of the election creating confusion and miscommunication from the media.     We are so jaded about media truth now that it just turns off our brain. The media promoted Russian collusion with Trump  for three years as truth came out from the investigation by Congress and 48 million dollars and 500 investigators later, they found nothing of  collusion.     Now we have to go through the same thing with Biden, but in this case, only Fox News and the New York Post are getting out the news, and Twitter and Facebook are censoring it.

The biggest story of our age should be the lack of freedom of the press due the corporate ownership by 6 major conglomerates of most of the major media outlets.     With Rahu aspecting Gemini  (yes it has a 30 degree aspect) \ until March 2022, the smoke and mirrors of the media will continue to  prevent the truth and  we are getting into a world or Orwellian propoganda which is moving us  more toward a totalitarian news agenda like Pravada. This should be everyone’s concern as YouTube videos get taken down, New York Post tweets get censored and Facebook and Twitter are fact-checking based on their political preference.

Outer Planetary Events and the US

Mars has an 8th house aspect from Pisces to the Sun in Libra at about 21 degrees in the constellation of Vishaka. Certainly, someone will try to take the President out after the election but Jupiter strong in Sagittarius will protect him.  Sun Trining Neptune into Nov. 10th will continue to create confusion about the future of our President and our future government and the election results and with Penn and North Carolina allowing late ballot counting, it may be weeks before we get results, and ballot harvesting will continue.  We may not get final results until major wrangling from the electoral college votes and the final confirmation as late as Jan. 6th.  If  Trump loses, the Republicans  will work on taking Biden down with investigations, special councils.    So even if it seems that Biden has won, I suspect that it will not be over until Inauguration Day.

Jupiter is conjunct with Pluto on Nov. 12th and the US is a Sagittarius ascendant country and so massive transformation will be in effect for the US through all the uncertainty. As Mars goes stationary/direct on Nov. 13th it will stir up violence and anarchy.   From Oct. 26-Nov. 13th, Mars and Saturn are conjunct in the D9 chart  and this stirs up anger and violence.   When Saturn moves into the 3rd pada of Uttarashada Nakshatra on Nov. 13th (Sag 26.40-Capricorn 10.00) some of this tension will lift.   If we are lucky, by Nov. 15th after  Venus squares Pluto, the violence will be under control.

Jupiter remains in Sagittarius until Nov. 20th and is very strong and Vargottama and Pushkara in the 1st pada of Uttarashada Nakshatra. It will try to uphold law and order and post-election tyranny and has a good shot at it until it goes into Capricorn on Nov. 20th and moves  into the deepest point of debilitation until Dec. 9th at 5 degrees Capricorn.   The electoral college does not meet until Dec. 14th and both sides will try to influence people. Even through the Supreme Court ruled in 2016 that Electors have to reflect the will of their state’s votes, there is no harsh penalty by State Law for now doing so.    I think that  election could  be decided until the Sun goes into Sagittarius around Dec. 16th.  The Dec. 14th Solar Eclipse hits Donald Trump’s natal Sun exactly either bringing danger to his life and/or elevation of status through the Rahu return which happens every 18.5 years.  Hopefully by Christmas things will settle out.  Still until final certification on Jan. 6th, there still could be craziness and no one will be happy and let things be in our new world.

Jupiter is at the lowest point of its 12-year journey between Nov. 20-Dec. 9th and we wonder if this will be a low point for law order, justice, and truth.

Venus moves into Libra on Nov. 16-Dec 10 restoring a bit more peace and equanimity but it is aspected by Saturn exactly into Nov. 19th and still stays rattled until Nov. 23rd or when it moves 3-4 degrees past that aspect.

Neptune goes stationary Direct on Nov. 28th continuing to cast huge clouds of illusion in our world about what is really happening with Covid and political power. Will the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction into Dec. 21st finally give us a change of trend for the next 20 years and the Great Reset?  In the past, the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction has been very important for starting a new cycle and our world wants to move toward more socialism and the conjunction in Capricorn will give it a more material emphasis and trying to resurrect world finance and world debt levels.

Still, we are in a larger cycle that we have not seen since the year 1285 when Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn  and the world bankers are working hard on working their way out of all the massive world debt that has been piled on countries around the world. The answer is a movement towards a world monetary system and a single currency and moving the world into one cashless society so that all the debt can be magically handled and universal helicopter money can be distributed. We sense that this will inevitably happen over the next 2-3 years and that the 248-year cycle for the US that peaks into 2022-24 will lead to the biggest changes in the US that we have ever witnessed but the delay in that transformation could be delayed if Trump wins a 2nd term.

Monetary System

We have talked for years that the same cycle that created the Bretton Woods  (Saturn/Pluto) agreement in 1947 which pushed the dollar to the head of the world and taking the US off of the gold standard in 1971 is happening over now as the world bankers have to find a way to handle trillions of dollars of world debt.

Our monetary system as we know it is not likely to continue. The Biblical debt Jubilee cycle is likely given the mess that world governments have created but the solution of universal income in a cashless society is a bit troubling in terms of their ability to have absolute control and power over our money.

As my friend Juliana Swanson has noted, that a similar Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto cycle in Capricorn last occurred in the years 1285-86 and lead to the first issuance and creation of debt in record history:

The first record is made of life annuities by the city of Lubbock in what is now Germany. It is the first documented instance of the issue of public debt…and it confirmed a trend of consolidation of local public debt over north-western Europe at the time.

In 1286 King Alexander of Scotland died which set the stage for the first war for Scottish Independence and the increasing influence of England over Scotland. This cycle represents a power that consolidates and sets stronger national and international boundaries. We will see more of this theme developing around the world in 2021.

Cycles for the winter suggest a repeat of Draconian lock-downs and government power grabs we saw last spring with Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn together.  I am particularly worried about the UK.  My friend in the UK summarized the state of the country: “The UK government is getting more authoritarian, dictating sexual patterns, threatening to cancel or at least belittle Christmas, more police powers, the country split into different regions where travel is prohibited (e.g. we cannot travel into Wales from England now, with police actively patrolling the border). Covid has largely disappeared, incidentally, but we get more dodgy data as the statistics for Covid are now merged with general flu data.  The BBC is now Pravda.”

One cycle into April 2021 suggests that things could change and allow for a return to normalcy in the spring.  Jupiter will go into Aquarius on April 4th and maybe that will give people the energy to see through some of the craziness that is happening in the world and seek Aquarian freedom.  Still governments all around the world are using the Covid crisis to push their power trips.  Yes Covid is real and we need to take care but this is not the Spanish Influenza.

Overall, I am more hopeful short-term as long as Jupiter is in Sagittarius until Nov. 20th but the period into Dec 9th and Dec. 20th looks dicey. Help your neighbors and continue to search for the truth which is not readily available by turning on the news these days.

God Bless!

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