Vedic Holiday: Diwali – Festival of Light

Nov. 14


Light the lamp of love in your heart.

Light the flame of wisdom in your mind.

Light the steady candle of faith in your resolve.

Light the fire of strength that exists within you waiting.

It is Diwali time.  — Divya Prabha

In the Vedic Calendar, the new moon connected to the debilitated Sun in Libra is often one of the darkest parts of the year with the light seems extinguished and depression and fear reign.  The ancients knew to counteract this energy with festivals and bringing in more light to we have the wonderful holiday of Diwali to cheer us up and take us out of the darkness.   This year Diwali is late in the calendar and we are already a few weeks past the deepest point of the Sun’s debilitation which was on Oct. 27th. Today with the   Sun in Vishaka (Libra 20-Scorpio 3.20) it always seems lighter and particularly because Jupiter is so strong in Sagittarius in the Sun’s Nakshatra of Uttarashadha.

For many businessmen, this is also the day when they start a new financial year with the adoption of a fresh  set of  accounts book, after offering it to goddess Lakshmi. They believe that with her blessings, it will be a profitable year for them.  It is one of the few free Muhurtha days of the year where we can begin anything auspicious to launch a new chapter in our life.

People worship Lakshmi — the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles, on Diwali so it may be time to pull up You Tube and listen to Lakshmi and Ganesh chants with devotion and reverence to connect and bring the light of the gods into our life.  They do not need our praise but they are here to bless is always with abundance.

The tiny lamps that we light  and are said to be symbolic of parts of the Sun — the light and energy giver to all.  But what is the point of holding up a candle to the Sun.   The Sun is ever-present blessing us with heat and light and energy to grow food. Take time during this holiday to be grateful and help others in need by giving to charity and blessing others.

Happy Diwali–may more and more light be restored to the planet during this very difficult year and know that the Divine is somehow taking care of each and everyone of us!


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