Nov. 20, 2020- April 4, 2021;   Sept 16-Nov. 20, 2021

Jupiter returns to Capricorn Nov. 20 and quickly runs through the sign and moves into Aquarius on April 4-Sept. 16 2021.   It retrogrades back into late degrees at 28-29 degrees Capricorn for a few months again in Sept/Oct./Nov. 2021.

Jupiter is thought to be debilitated in Capricorn which is not the end of the world as is it is good for business and social status and material gains but it loses its dharmic ethical nature and may be less interested in spiritual wisdom and Gurus and justice.  If you are Sagittarius rising or Pisces rising, you may need to rest more and take better care of your liver and you may have to work 3 x as hard to get things done.   Still Jupiter brings luck and grace wherever he goes and moving in with Saturn and Pluto, he should soften the intensity of Saturn’s harsh edge but will get spoiled in the process.  Jupiter is exactly debilitated at 5 degrees Capricorn on Dec.  17th and is exactly conjunct Saturn on Dec. 21st but by Dec. 22nd-Jan. 11th it is in the very powerful section (6.40-11.13.20) of the constellation Abhijit where it gains great power and the ability to fulfill desires.  Hence the weak part of the transit last a very short-time between Nov. 20-Dec. 21st.  With the electoral college voting and the voting of the Electoral College on Dec. 14th, we are concerned during this time for more chaos to happen.

Jupiter transits into Capricorn are considered best when they are 2nd, 5th, 7th and 9th and 11th from the natal moon or rising sign so Sagittarius rising and moon, Virgo, Cancer and Taurus and Pisces rising and moon signs do best but that is also dependent how many Ashtakavarga points you have for Jupiter in Capricorn and 4-8 will bring good results.

Jupiter will now aspect the earth signs of Taurus and Virgo bringing more business success there and also will aspect its sign of exaltation Cancer bring grace there.  The problem with the transit is that Jupiter will be afflicted by Saturn and Pluto so he will not be able to function and his darker side will come out causing false-optimism, poor judgment, phony enthusiasm, obstructed financial growth, problems with husbands, ultraconservative religious views, low energy, minor depression and lethargy and problems with children.    Probably some of this will lift as we go into the New Year.  This will of course depending on your rising sign and dasha you are running but if you are in a Jupiter period, you will be impacted most.

While the Saturn conjunction officially cancels the debilitation, Jupiter still has problems.  There is a desire and possible achievement and rise in social status with Saturn being the natural 10th sign of the zodiac but Jupiter may become more interested in material gains and may bring them about and forget its spiritual nature.  So people always get twisted about debilitated planets but for Jupiter that means he loses his dharma and gets more interested in business, fun and pleasure and material gains and forgets its dharma as a Guru and guide and coach.

Debilitated planets have to work 3 times as hard to achieve their goals and in Capricorn, the sign of hard work, this will be the case.  Pisces will find this particularly frustrating since this is an 11th house transit for gains and fulfillment of desires but it will come out ok with lots of effort and frustration.

Jupiter in Capricorn is stuck with societal law and that could conflict with its own moral and ethical integrity.   When afflicted, Jupiter may loses its moral imperative and become unethical in business or find oneself caught in complicated debates around difficult issues like abortion where there may be a religious leaning one way but societal law suggests something else.

Jupiter governs family and transiting into the 2nd house from Sagittarius, it may create family issues around work, having more children and the conflict between the two. With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn this conflict may seem daunting.

The key with Saturn’s cancellation of debilitation is to rely on Saturn for help.  Jupiter can get lazy and  too heavy in Capricorn so it may need Saturnine exercise, yoga and meditation to get out of its resistance.  It may just need to work hard to make things happen. That is ok if you can manage it.

Jupiter/Saturn conjunction can be  a good luck for the manifestation of the material. So whatever houses are connected to the Capricorn/Cancer axis may  have extra luck to manifest. So if you are Capricorn rising and running a dasha of the 7th house then the double aspect from Jupiter/Saturn may support manifesting a partner.

Given the context of the current Jupiter transit into Capricorn with the Corona pandemic background  and with the financial markets tumbling and people losing their jobs, Jupiter is there to remind them to turn to God and to find an answer. When everything is perfect we get lost in the material world of Capricorn, a very earthy sign and forget out Divine nature.  Sometimes we have to be humbled to remind ourselves why we are here. Is it about accumulating the most stuff and showing off your Jaguar or is it to help people and discover our own Divinity?   Jupiter in Capricorn will challenge us get beyond the material and discover our true essence.

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