Mercury the trickster and lover of comedy and games moved into Sagittarius on Dec. 17th.  Its association with Jupiter by sign can bring out strong writing and it’s a good month for games. It is not very afflicted except for the conjunction with the Sun on Dec. 19th which actually infuses it with Divine energy but a combustion within 5 degrees up until Christmas can create a busy and buzzy mind and some intensity.

Mercury and Jupiter are not friends, so this is transit is mixed. There can be some trouble with concentration, higher education, misunderstandings with superiors, teachers, or your father that may leave one feeling conflicted and doubtful. There could also be legal issues so this is not a good time to sign contracts. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, he acts unreliable and superior.  So be mindful of your Mercurial manners and soften your blunt speech, don’t be a know-it-all, exaggerate or think too much of your own viewpoint. Instead, be respectful and lead by a respectable example. Being imprudent and living a lavish lifestyle at this time could lead to health problems related to the hips, thighs, breathing, and nervous disorders, if the dasha you are in is troubling for health or if you are Gemini rising.

We get a double whammy with this transit with Mercury in the star constellation, Mula, (Sagittarius 0-13.20) Dec. 25-Jan. 2  ruled by karmic Ketu.  Prash Trivedi tells us that Mula consists of nine stars at the end of Scorpio and is the place of the center of the galaxy, which Western Astrologers are fond of calling the Galactic Center as that wonderful part of the sky that looks like a white river in the night sky. Mula means “root” or “the center” and people who have a sun, moon or ascendant lord in this constellation are very direct and do not like to beat around the bush.  Still, it offers complex energy as we witnessed when the Sun just went through there on Dec. 16-18th and can be a bit bizarre with too much electrical juice and craziness which will be up until Dec 19th.

This is the core of the galaxy and it is ruled by Ketu who wants to get to the core of everything: hidden motives, events, core roots. Ketu is connected to past lives and Mula wants to tie up all the talents from one’s past lives and bring them together. It seeks deeply for the truth of existence.  Mula combines the energy of Jupiter and Ketu and hence it initiates spiritual transformations for the better. With Jupiter’s grace, it can confer magical powers to help those in need of Grace. Mercury’s entrance into Mula can bring deep intellectual insight and wisdom but can lead to a feeling of not being supported. The subconscious patterns from the Dec. 14th  eclipse may have lead to deep aha experiences.  The Galactic Center at about 4 degrees Sagittarius is also connected to whistleblowers so the Sun/Mercury conjunction on Dec. 19th at that point may lead to some major players coming forth to testify around problems with the election and new revelations should come out.  You will not find this information in mainstream media so use Mula to dig deep for the truth of what is happening in our world.

Remember to do your spiritual practices and yoga to stay on top of your game and when communicating. If it is not happening, rest, let it go, and be patient. Energy may not be there to push the envelope the next few days as Mercury in the early degrees of Sagittarius. The cobra pose is good for balancing Mercury and the shoulder stand can sort out a confused mind so those may help this week.

This is a positive 4th house transit for Virgos and it is mostly unafflicted later in the month.  As Mercury moves toward  Saturn with an exact conjunct into Jan. 9TH  and so it will be fraught with miscommunication at times but deep thinking is possible.  In Venus’ nakshatara of Purva Shadha (Sagittarius 13.20-26.40)  Dec. 25-Jan. 3rd   it will bring poetic and creative writing and good business development.    Gemini rising will experience a difficult 7th house transit so karmic relationships that need closure could come up for healing.   Virgos and Sagittarius and Gemini will be impacted most by this transit creating complex situations in relationships, domestic life, and possible problems in the home with unexpected electrical problems for Virgo rising.  This is of course always contextual to what dashas and Bhuktis you are running with Mercury/Jupiter and Jupiter/Mercury combinations being most impacted.

Special thanks to Bill Levacy and Komilla Sutton for some of their insights on this combination.

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