We all need a break from world heaviness and some of it may show up even if Dr. Faucci has canceled Christmas and some countries and states push for extreme lock-downs. Remember even if they put you under confinement, you still have lots of inner freedom with your spiritual practices so use this time to deepen your meditation.


Jupiter and Saturn stay in a planetary war at the same degree until Dec. 29th with Jupiter winning the war Dec. 27-29th and that will shift some of the energy as a planet winning a war can take away the energy of the losing planet. The good news is that they both move into the auspicious constellation of Abhijit (Capricorn 6.40-11.13) on Dec. 24th and Jupiter stays there until Jan. 11th and Saturn until Feb 1st.

This hidden constellation in the zodiac called Abhijit (located at 6.40-11.13 Capricorn) which is considered one of the most auspicious stars and is the mysterious 28th nakshatra of the zodiac. In the Western astronomical traditions, it is known as Vega and the Sun will also go through there for 5 days Jan. 20-25th.

Komilla Sutton notes that Abhijit means victorious and conquering completely and is connected to Brahma, the creator, and also to Vishnu the preserver. It is a star where the individual can write their own destiny. One can preserve the old and create something new. This constellation is very powerful and gives one spiritual drive and the ability to want to win regardless of circumstances. It is ruled by the Sun and it supports leadership during its transit in the constellation. Let’s hope that better leadership comes out of Washington during this transit but we are hopeful.


Mercury and the Sun have a more difficult transit from Dec. 24-27th. For seasoned astrologers, you always have to look at the transposition of a planet from the natal chart to the Navamsha chart. If a planet moves 6, 8, or 12 signs from the natal chart to the Navamsha chart, it loses strength. with an 8th house transposition, there is an inner tension created and a lack of cohesion between the natal chart and Navamsha chart. This can create a disconnection or block in the soul’s ability to achieve its purpose and can create inner conflicts that can pull an individual in two directions. These 8 places in the zodiac where this happens. The 3rd pada of Magha Nakshatra (Sagittarius 6.40-10.00) is such a place. Mercury will hit this key degree Dec. 22-23rd and the Sun on Dec. 25-27th. This is a place where one has to learn the poisons of life and embrace and understand pain. Leo rising might feel this transit most and obviously, if you were born with planets in this key area then you have to deal with it in your natal chart.


If you have this in your natal chart then you are a spirited and inventive person and talent in science and the occult and magnetic and you tend to buck the rules of society and have flashes of genius. It can lead to surprising optimism and a desire to break out of the box and do creative things. In Mundane astrology, it could lead to impulsive and surprising actions from government leaders.


Gemini is a planet about play and fun and it is also a very sexual planet and its Lord, Mercury will be strong in the constellation of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra which is ruled by Venus and hence it increases intelligence and creativity but may be confused about their spiritual search. The opposition between the natural 3rd house of the zodiac which governs our primal desires for sexual energies and protecting our territory and the 9th house of the zodiac where we quest for a deeper meaning of the Divine can create tension. Still, Gemini’s full moon may stimulate lively conversations that are emotionally charged and the North Node Rahu still has a 30-degree aspect onto Gemini so it can upset the emotions if we get into fighting for our position. The world has a huge problem with this at the moment and we have to let go of being right and realize that need to rejoice in diverse positions and not get militant or violent if someone thinks differently.

I will end with this wonderful quote from Yogananda about the Birth of Christ at Christmas and it reminds me of the need for rebirth at this time of year:

Paramahansa Yogananda:

Every day, every hour, every golden second, Christ has been knocking… Now, in this august sacred dawn, Christ is especially coming in answer to your inner call, to awaken his Christ Consciousness Omnipresence within you.

This Christ of Everywhere is sleeping in the breast of Eternity; He loves to take new birth at any time, anywhere, especially in the warmth of your true affection. Though the Infinite Christ is present in every speck of space as the splendor of ever new wisdom and creative expression, you can never see Him unless He chooses to be seen in the cradle of your unceasing devotion. The cozy crib of your heart has for a very long time been small, holding self-love alone; now you must make it enormous, so that social, national, international, and Cosmic Christ-love may be born there and become One Love.

The Infinite Christ is everywhere; worship His nativity in Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Moslem, Jewish, and other true religious temples. Every expression of Truth flows from the All-pervading Christ perception, so learn to worship that sacred Universal Intelligence in every pure religion, belief, and teaching. Since the Cosmic Christ dreamed into existence the divine being that is man, you should celebrate the birth of Christ in your newly awakened equal love for every nationality and race.

From “A Cradle for the Christ of Everywhere” in The Second Coming of Christ
(Special thanks to Juliana Swanson for sharing this wonderful quote.)






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