We are moving toward the Saturn Stellium with 7 planets in Capricorn on Feb. 10th-11th with Moon, Sun, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury all together. We last saw something like this on Feb 4, 1962, and at that time there was also a solar eclipse. During that week in 1962, the US announced an embargo against Cuba and French President de Gaulle called for Algerian independence. It was not an end of the world with a catastrophic event. In Vedic astrology when you have that many planets together it can be a very spiritual yoga and I have done charts of people born around that time and they are very hardworking and have a very strong spiritual inclination. This time around it is happening during the intense Kala Sarpa yoga with all planets hemmed in between Ketu in Scorpio and Rahu in Taurus and also the context of our times is a bit tenser. We also moving toward the Saturn/ Uranus square into Feb. 17th and we will have to write more about that later. So the Feb. cluster is a bit more intense because of other factors.

Capricorn is a sign that does create a lot of suffering and hard work and delays and all those planets hemmed together can create intense complications in life. Things get delayed, fall apart, frustrations build. The key is to stay patient and accept what is. Saturn is always teaching us to slow down, be in the present moment, and not rush around like a rabbit but when it gets afflicted it can get anxious and tense. Probably Aquarius rising, Leo Rising, and Gemini rising with all those planets in the 12th, 6th and 8th houses will feel the intensity more and Capricorn rising will also as there is a huge and crowded party going on in that sign.

Saturn when afflicted can get restless. You are going to have to get used to increased Vata energy and desire to move in the moveable sign of Capricorn or drive yourself crazy with wanting to change jobs, relationships, homes, routines. Change is good but will it really resolve the restless feelings inside? Handle the restlessness with yoga and meditation and diet and then evaluate more severe changes in the light of common sense when the planets are strong and when the mind is clear. People think that if they change the outer, then their life will be better. Sometimes there is just a need to accept what is in a job and relationship and be at peace.  If there are difficult challenges that are abusive, use the energy to move through the impasse and make a change. Still, you may want to wait for a clearer decision-making time probably the first few weeks of May when things should lighten up a bit.

The Vedic texts remind us that everything is always changing. The moon spends 2.5 days in a sign and if our emotions are really strong, wait 3 days and it will probably get better. And then again nothing is really changing on the level of eternity in our soul. Moreover, some problems have very deep karma connected to them like 12th house karma and it may take a whole life or lifetimes to get through. Remember that nothing will ever change and find the courage to live your life with a deep level of acceptance or work very deeply on those 12th house patterns and if you can get them free, then you might have a chance for moksha or enlightenment if you have the grace of a Divine master in your life. Find the courage of the lion to face your deepest challenge and rise up and change those. That is why you are here on the planet.

When Saturn is unhappy, it tends to be more fearful and creates this sense of dread. When it is solid, it is Capricorn the mountain, unshakable. You can ground Saturn by being more in your body with walking, the chair poses in yoga, deep knee bends, extra yoga, slow exercise, and Tai Chi. Avoid cold drinks and dry foods and favor sipping hot water and slowing down and eating hot unctuous meals. Exercise is grounding but slower is better and running can be intense for many unless you have a really kalpha body or are Taurus rising and need heavy exercise to get unstuck.

An unhappy Saturn can lead to a lot of grumbling so remember to do your gratitude exercises every day to replace all the things that are not right with those that are. So find a way to accept Saturn, slow down, and know that things always take longer than you want them to. Your mantra for Feb. has to be patience.

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