We have an unusual planetary configuration peaking into May 12-15th that is a bit intense emotionally and it depends on how it hits your chart. It involved Mars in Gemini at about 19 degrees throwing a sneaky 8th house aspect to Saturn in Capricorn at 19 degrees.   About 3 days earlier, Rahu throws an exact 30-degree full aspect to Mars at around 17 degrees from Taurus to Gemini, and Ketu in Scorpio at around 17 degrees is in a 6/8 relationship with Mars.   Although Ketu is headless, has and no desire, and throws no official aspect,  it is also close very close in an angular relationship to Saturn in Capricorn at around 60 degrees.   When the moon is conjunct Mars in Gemini on May 16th, we will have a huge emotional trigger set-off.

Western Astrologers might call this a Yod or the finger of fate, and on a Western chart it kind of looks like a witch’s hat. It is thought to create frazzling and neurotic energy and if it is in your natal chart it involves a great deal of karmic debt.   In this case, it involves all the malefic planets, Saturn, Mars and  Rahu, and Ketu and we have to figure out how to unravel what is going on.  Luckily Jupiter’s wide aspect onto Mars from Aquarius will attempt to calm things down.

Saturn is being afflicted more by Mars with a 100%, sneaky 8th house aspect, and Saturn’s aspect to Mars is not considered full at 150 degrees and is more minor although I do find exact aspects still have an intense impact.  Mars 8th house aspects attempt to protect one from disease and debt but the affliction to Saturn may cause insecurity and health issues if you are Capricorn rising or Aquarius rising.

Rahu in the East Indian astrological tradition of Sanjay Rath throws a 30-degree aspect to the sign next to it so Rahu continues to aspect Gemini until March 2022. With Mars getting an exact aspect around May 12th in the mean node system, it encourages impulsive actions, taking risks, being fearless, and could make a deadly fighter.  With Mars out of bounds  (see previously published article) until May 24th, it is on steroids and it does not need the additional wild energy of Rahu. It can lead to getting angry easily, being antagonistic, vindictive, and feverish. The mild aspect from Saturn increases frustration around this energy and Mars is not happy in Gemini in the constellation of Ardra, ruled by Rahu so getting into heated arguments and losing your cool can easily happen. Slow down and stay on top of pitta pacifying treatments like coconut water and sweet fruits to calm the fire.

Mars’s aspecting Saturn brings out Saturn’s darker energies of impatience, restlessness, cruelty, discontentment, obstructed growth and stagnation, and shrewdness.  It increases complaining, anxiety, depression, and fear of the future. The Rahu trine to Saturn from Taurus is also creating intense work-alcoholism and agitation and restlessness.    With Rahu connected to the subconscious, there is this background noise gnawing at us about the future of the world, the covid crisis, and all the skullduggery behind in the scenes in government around the world with their power trips, lies, and manipulations. Rahu’s aspects are forever creating confusion about the truth and what is really going on with vaccines, deaths, mutations, and confusing data on masks and lock-downs.   Rahu aspects Gemini,  the sign of the media continues to create a web of confusion and deception and we do not know what is true anymore and we just stay anxious.

If you are ruled by Saturn i.e., Capricorn or Aquarius rising or if you are ruled by Mars, Aries, and Scorpio rising, the subconscious emotional grindings from this configuration are unnerving.  I find myself spinning all kinds of horrible scenarios about the end of the world, massive changes in our society from deaths, and wild concerns about wild totalitarian take-overs.   So much of this seems real but the intensity of the angular relationships tends to increase the spin of the mind.   If your planets key planets at 17-21 Gemini like the Moon, the ascendant or a natal Mars, Saturn or Rahu and if you are in a Mars or Rahu or Saturn dasha, then the intensity of the transit will hit you. If you are in a Jupiter or Venus period or have no key planets there, then you may just notice a  minor disturbance.

REMEDIES:   Do we go into a bomb shelter? Most of the world will have a few drinks, take some drugs, smoke a pack of cigarettes, or eat themselves into a numbed-out stupor.  That can work for a bit but it is destructive and takes you out of your deepest being.

If you are on a spiritual path, what do you do?  Those of us on a spiritual path have to go through them. Feel them deeply. The process of feeling them can facilitate their deep release. What are we afraid of? Are we really those stupid feelings or something bigger?  Go deep into them and the attention of your consciousness will facilitate their release.  Feel the depth of these emotions with your full consciousness and you can help

We can always do a bit of spiritual or astrological bypassing and that can help with meditation too but remember you are so much bigger than your emotions. If a storm is happening,  be  Billy Buddy in Herman Melville’s classic.  Strap yourself to the mast and go through it. In the end, you will find that your eternal Self is so much bigger than a few waves and in fact, you are the waves and you are an ocean.  How can you be afraid of the very water that you are made of?    Stay strapped to the mast, whatever storms come, say, I am here, and let them come through me.  How can we run away from a tiny emotion?  What power can it really have over us?

Don’t the storms make you deeper and a more powerful person? Embrace. Realize that you are unchanging and nothing can touch you. You are invincible. Merge with the water and become One.

So if you are not able to do that you can always do the following:

1) This is a time to be disciplined about your meditation practice and yoga and other spiritual practices because these lighten the burden and give us more strength to deal with everything. The tendency is to skip that which is good for us when we are challenged but that’s like taking off a winter coat when its below zero.
2) Donate time and money to help those in need. This is one way to address karma and by getting out of our own stuff, we feel better and move through our own karma.

3) Be disciplined with diet and exercise. The tendency is to use food to cover up difficult emotions or skip exercise because we feel tired or lazy. So much illness (6th house) can be overcome if we are disciplined doing what is good for us. Avoid addictive behaviors and non-life-supporting actions especially now. The tendency is to what to escape but usually, this leads to more difficult problems quickly. Maybe not stay up until 2 am watching 10 episodes on Netflix and get some extra rest.

4) Spend time with spiritual knowledge, attend spiritual gatherings and hang around with positive people at this time.

5) Do transformational healing work to move through these energies.

Some of it will lighten up with Mars moving into the constellation of Purnavasu  (Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20)  after May 16th. Unfortunately, Saturn will hang around with the Rahu trine until late September so you are going to have to stay disciplined to get through the summer

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