Mars goes into his sign of debilitation on Tuesday, June 1st, and stays there for about 6 weeks. The word gets misused and misunderstood so much. Debilitated planets have to work 3 times as hard to manifest their significations and their negative qualities may come out, but they do teach us things also. Mars actually becomes less potent to cause trouble if he is a difficult planet for you, as he is a bit like a declawed cat–irritated but not able to cause harm. The problem with Mars in Cancer this year is that it opposes Pluto into June 5th and opposes Saturn into July 1st.  The Mars/Pluto opposition creates an inability and frustration around help to transform others so just let them be as we never can change anyone. It can lead to power struggles with authority figures and there will be a threat of violence but the debilitated Mars will back down. World tensions may flare in countries where this is hitting in the Capricorn/Cancer axis but it should blow over after tensions build.

Traditionally, for Scorpio and Aries rising, Mars in Cancer is a problematic transit for low energy levels, lack of courage and dynamism, anger and it can create militant emotions, friction, and unreliability. An assortment of problems with teeth and gums, indigestion from low fire, and issues with mother may also arise. It is not an easy transit for those ruled by Mars and will impact Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius rising most through its aspects.

Can we find a bright side to this transit? I think for Aries and Scorpio rising, we have to think that Mars’ two-year transit through the zodiac is inviting a rest, a chance to let go and recharge the batteries for the next two years. It is difficult for Mars to rest and to let go as by nature he is always active by creating, protecting, and fighting so the key with the Mars transit is to do get more sleep, not push yourself beyond your limits, go on meditation retreats to rejuvenate, cut back on your exercise and find more time for meditation and give the warrior a rest. He has worked hard the past 2 years. Even Mars needs a rest at times.

This is not a time to pick fights when your anger and irritability come up. You will hurt others and then wallow in self-remorse. Let people and situations be. The recent Mars/Pluto opposition can lead to wanting to attack people in customer service or at work but if you do you will probably feel worse.  Still find a way to let out your anger and see the other side and find some kindness and compassion.

So time for Mars to go on vacation. Aries rising will want to do all kinds of home renovations or may be motivated to go buy property but the support is not there and you will get more exhausted. Scorpio may be inclined to do a foreign pilgrimage or trip with a 9th house transit. It will be rewarding but exhausting and with Covid is very complicated. Instead, stay home and study spiritual teaching by video. Everything is available now without having to travel to India and hike the Himalayas but do give into that quest for new spiritual knowledge, going to church or temple.

Other rising signs have to be careful. Gemini/Capricorn/Cancers rising or moon signs can get into major relationship scuffles and sexual escapades and will need to curb that energy or end up angry and energetic spent and exhausted from nights of passion. Libras will have to watch work-alcoholism and rest more.

So, slow down. You are moving too fast. Debilitated planets need to work 3 times as hard to make things happen. Don’t give up but give yourself more time and be patient with anger and frustration or you will end up a raging pile of kindle with too much self-remorse.

I think the transit through Pushya (Saturn’s nakshatra, Cancer 3.20-16.40) June 8-29 is auspicious for bringing the blessings of Brihaspati and it is really the transit through Ashlesha (Cancer 16.40-29.59) June  30-July 20th that is the most difficult part of the 2 years as Mars is fully down at 28 degrees Cancer. Be patient with yourself this month. Beating yourself up never benefits everyone. Just know that you and Mars need a rest. Take a pause that refreshes. Be kind to yourself and you will sail through a hot summer.




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