VENUS IN GEMINI: May 28-June 22nd

Venus moves into Gemini on May 28th and stays there until June 22nd. It is a positive transit as Mars is leaving Gemini on June 1st and that is the only malefic influence other than a 30-degree aspect from Rahu in Taurus. It also gets an expansive trine from Jupiter which is exact into June 4th and that can create overspending but happy and expansive feelings of love.

Overall it is positive and will still foster a love of poetry and creative writing so for creative writers and songwriters, creative coding for computer programmers, and sweet communications. This is your time to get that pen out and get that novel started or that book of poetry edited. If creativity does not flow toward the arts in Gemini, then it moves into sexual desire which can be fun if you are in a committed relationship but complicated if you are not. The third natural sign of the zodiac has a very sexual side if it is not channeling its energy in other ways.

If you were born with an unafflicted Venus in Gemini, then you are friendly charming and fun-loving, logical, enjoy learning, popular and good in relationship with others. The natural 3rd sign of the zodiac Gemini is very creative as is Venus so there is a lot of flow this month for creative ideas and inventions and creative computer programming. I often find that computer programmers have a lot of Venus/Mercury connections in their charts.

Venus in Gemini can bring out sexuality, as Gemini is the natural 3rd house of the zodiac is connected to Kama and sexual expression and relationship energy and love of pleasure, good food, and the arts. This transit benefits Taurus and Libra rising the most with a 2nd house transit of Taurus bringing gains from family, finance and love, and appreciation of good food. For Libras, it can bring the love of foreign travel, deep love, and appreciation of Guru or spiritual wisdom, or great love in attending church or synagogue.

Aquarius and Gemini and Leo rising will also do well with this transit whereas Cancer rising may get caught up in too many expenditures or sensual indulgences. Aries has to also watch for an increase in sexual energy and turn it into creative expression.

Venus continues in the constellation of Mrigashira (Orion, Taurus 26.40-Gemini 6.40) until June 2nd where intellectual searching and deep spiritual wisdom are supported but also a great passion. Venus in Ardra nakshatra July 5-15t (Betelguese, Gemini 6.40-19.59) June 2-14th is a bit more tumultuous for relationships, and thoughts of breaking up a relationship could come up in order to foster the soul’s growth. Ardra tends to create storms of emotion and Venus will be susceptible as it gets a 30-degree aspect from Rahu in Taurus.  You may be attracted to foreign partners but it may be stormy.

Venus in the constellation of Purnavasu June 14-June 24th (Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20) will connect it with Jupiter and maybe the two Gurus energy together can soothe any turmoil from the June 10th solar eclipse. Still, Venus’s transit here may still create the desire to change partners or create uncertainty in a relationship. But the universal mothering and nurturing qualities of Purnavasu will bleed into Venus’s maternal energy well.

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