Mercury went into Gemini today on May 26th and is weak in degrees in the early part of the sign and unfortunately stays less than 1 degree in Gemini and then is at 29 degrees in Taurus until June 5th. Planets in early and late degrees lose power and so communications can get out of wacky and technological challenges can happen.

Everyone cringes at the thought of Mercury retrograde but it is not bad for everyone and gets a lot of bad press. You all know about Mercury retrograde so I wanted to share some new things. First of all, if you were born with Mercury retrograde, you are more right-brain orientated and have more spatial orientation and recognize patterns and are not logical. It will be interesting to observe if you need to be more intuitive during Mercury retrograde rather than logical during the transit and rely more on your intuition during the transit.

Secondary, Mercury retrograde is not bad for every rising sign. It is most difficult for the rising signs of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Sagittarius due to house ownership involving the 6, 8, 12, and even the 7th house ruler. It actually makes Virgos and Geminis stronger in their physical body but maybe more inward. With the retrograde movement in the sign of Taurus, Gemini goes not benefit as much as is it is a 12th house transit creating more expenses for Geminis. With Rahu still in Gemini, the darker side can come out with mental anxiety, poor power, and a lack of energy to accomplish. Virgo does well with the transit in spending more with spiritual studies and desires for foreign travel and connections with Gurus.

This spring’s Mercury Retrograde is happening in Taurus mainly as it retrogrades from early Gemini back into Taurus on June 2nd and stays the whole time in Taurus and moving toward conjunction with the Sun into June 11th. Mercury’s connection with Venus through the sign of Taurus promotes poetry and song-writing another creative speech writing and computer coding and with Rahu still in Taurus, there is great creativity –particularly if it gets channeled from one’s intuition.  The dark side of the transit is mostly in Mrigasira nakshatra (Orion, Taurus 23.20-Gemini 6.40) where it channel’s Mars, which puts Mercury into a tendency to want to fight and debate and be argumentative. Remember not to be self-righteous and that it is important to appreciate other’s perspectives.

Mercury transits from the rising sign or the moon are considered good when they are 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10th or 11 houses from the moon or rising sign. Hence if your rising sign or moon is Aries, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Libra, or Leo, or Cancer,  it is considered a good transit depending on what natal planets you have in Taurus and what your rising sign is. This is not the most difficult Mercury retrograde since even when Mercury is retrograding into the Sun, it tends not to be impacted that much unless within 1-2 degrees around June 10-11th. The impact of Rahu still in Taurus helps Rahu and empowers its intelligence and creativity but Geminis and Virgos may be more fearful and paranoid.

So like always, back up your computers early, get your letters and marketing and business dealings done early today, be redundant about communications, and do not assume that your emails and phone messages and texts will get picked up. Most of all, be patient as Mercury is like the Greek god of Hermes and he wants you to laugh when these things do not go right. He is the trickster, so smile, accept, and be patient, and know it will be over by June 22nd. For some, those 22 days will seem like forever –so smile!!


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