APRIL 28, 2022-MARCH 29, 2025

March 5, 1993-June 1, 1994

Jan 27, 1964 –April 9, 1966

March 15, 1934-Feb. 25, 1937

If you were born with Saturn in Aquarius:

People born with Saturn in Aquarius tend to be tall, inclined to gain weight and are very proficient in science, technology and mechanical engineering. They tend to be harsh in speech and can often be geniuses and are practical and often have  deep interest in astrology.  If in the last 23 degrees of the sign theu  have drawn to addictive behaviors and excessive sexual indulgence if they do not pour that energy into helping humanity.

Saturn in Aquarius is a bit of a lone wolf and with his extraordinary vision and probing and deep philosophical insight and sometime remains stuck in isolation and the key is to take this vision into action and bring people together to transform society.  As a  deep diver, the Aquarian cannot handle superficial conversation and interactions and hates playing by the rules in traditional society. He is prone to have a few deep friends that can dive deeply with him or remain in isolation finding it hard to connect.  There is a battle between fear and inadequacy inside and the desire to connect and transform society and it may not be until Saturn ripens at age 36 that one can move out of one’s shell.  More often than not if Saturn is in difficult signs and houses or afflicted by Ketu or Mars, he may not be able to emerge from the cave and do his deepest duty.

Saturn in its own sign is a master of organizing group, working with social change and has a passion for working on the deep problems of the world.  If you were born in the middle section between 6.40-20.00 degrees,  you have a deep revolutionary spirit that wants to transform the world and have deep charismatic leadership qualities.  You may attract people but Saturn’s desire for isolation and self-deprecation could easily push them away.

You can be inspiring, charismatic and encouraging at times and you have super powers from bring people together to heal deep problems.  Your deep philosophical thought can probe deeply into breaking the traditional barriers of societal norms and being a pioneer to walk into new ways of looking at things.



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