We are moving closer to fall which is my favorite season.  Not quite there but coming in few weeks.   There are a number of positives in the sky now with Mercury exalted in Virgo until Sept. 21st and then again after Oct 1st through early November.  Venus in Libra, its own sign supporting relationships and happiness, and the Sun is also in its own sign promoting self-confidence and leadership, and well-being.   So why does it seem like the world is about to fall apart?

Jupiter is now sandhi or in early degrees of Aquarius about to retrograde into late degrees of Capricorn Sept. 14th and that can create a sense of false optimism but it also can disconnect us from reality. Saturn retrograde in Capricorn is still fierce and causing more problems than usual and it is still trined by Rahu creating more anxiety and paranoia and  Saturn is still squaring Uranus although their aspect is 6 degrees apart but there is still a sense that the world is in major transformation.   Ketu is a transition through Saturn’s constellation of Anuradha and this also connects Saturn and Ketu and a sense that things are falling apart.    Mars is not that happy in Virgo in early degrees but that energy will pick up.

The Sun will move into Virgo on Sept. 16th for a month and Venus will get an exact square from Saturn into Sept. 17th and that is a sobering aspect to calm Venus’s playful and fun nature but the two are friends and Venus usual benefits from Saturn’s wisdom.

It seems that the first few weeks of October are more challenging as Pluto goes stationary /direct on Oct. 6th and it always has a huge impact on Mundane astrology and the world. Mercury moves toward conjunction in planetary war with Mars on Oct 9th which always creates disputes.  and Saturn goes stationary direct on Oct. 10th and the week before that happens it is usually more powerful to wreak havoc.

We continue to worry about world leaders continue to return to their Draconian ways with  Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn in Oct. and November and we feel like the world is a key fulcrum point.  Does the population rebel against totalitarian behavior and technological control and cower in fear or do they rise up?  The situation in  Eastern Australia is quite dire in terms of lock-downs, mandatory vaccines and other parts of the world continue to move in that direction.   Dr. Fauci keeps moving the goalposts and is ignoring the fact that 38 million people how have had Covid have natural immunity and Israeli studies are showing that natural immunity is 13-17 times more powerful against the Delta variant than the vaccine, which now requires a booster shot. After 18 months of this, most of you are aware that there is something wrong and a virus that has a death rate of  0.26 percent should not require destroying people’s lives.   Continue to look for the truth and it is not on CNN or most of the mainstream media.   As we have mentioned before, this current Covid/World War 3 cycle will not be over until April 2024 and we have to get real about not hating people who have different needs and opinions.  Last year they tried to divide us around race and this year we are being divided into becoming a two-tiered society of the vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

Yes the virus is real and you are welcome to get a vaccine of your own free will, but people should have the choice about their own medical needs.  Many people have allergies and other auto-immune problems and should not be forced into something that is bad for them.    There is an irony in that if you are for the right of women to have abortions, you should also be for the rights of people to take care of their own medical needs and choices for their bodies.

So for now enjoy the wonderful fall weather and the three strong planets that are holding us up and be grateful but focus on accepting other’s opinions and needs.  The world would be a boring place if we all believed the same things and were alike.  God rejoices in his beautiful tapestry and mosaic of diversity and we should also.


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Om Tat Sat.

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