Mars transits into Virgo on Tuesday, Sept 7th  and stays there for about six weeks.  It is an afflicted transit as Mars is still too close to the Sun and is closely combust Sept 20-Oct. 26th within 6 degrees. With   Mercury  there also until late September and then retrograding  back for a conjunction which is exact on Oct. 9th, the transit is rather afflicted.   Mars’s combustion astronomically means that it can not be seen seen in the night sky because it is behind the Sun.    The combustion lasts until Nov. 28th  and thereafter it will be able to be seen in the night sky again.  Mars combustion is not a huge problem because they are friends and because they are both fire planets and Mars can handle it better than most planets.  Still it can create flare-ups of anger and too much fire energy in the solar plexus which will need to be discharged through exercise and sports or it will lead to angry conflicts.

As the Mars combustion gets more extreme in late September and early October,  there will  be more flare-ups of anger and possibly exhaustion.  This may impact people who are Aries or Scorpio rising most or who have a tight Mars combustion signature in their natal charts.   If you are tired, take extra rest.  If your adrenals need support, go for the frog pose rather than some coffee which will more quickly burn out the adrenals.  Even if you cannot get your knee on your forearms, just moving into the pose and leaning into it will stimulate the adrenals.

Fighting energy could be strong and you will stand up against anyone and not give way.  This can be a problem at work if you are not the boss.  The aspect can give great physical energy and can allow you to work hard and have high energy but you have to avoid being reckless in order to avoid accidents or injuries. Not a good day to feel reckless while driving and watch out for the other guy.  The Warrior pose will stimulate the 3rd eye for more alertness overall.

If you have an afflicted Mars in Virgo in your natal chart,  you will have to watch  transit the next six weeks.  It may  create an  overactive mind but on the positive side it will make you a good strategic planner.  But the affliction by Mercury can lead to lots of verbal debating and wanting  to  continue to combat and fight and not knowing when to stop. Be patient with people and accept them as they area.     If you have an afflicted Mars in Virgo in your natal chart, you may be  inclined to broken relationships and tend to exaggerate and be prone to digestive problems, accidents, woulds, cuts.  In transit, observe and see if these qualities come up.

Whenever a planet appears in Virgo in any sign of the zodiac it means where we need to be better, improve or be pure.   Being the natural 6th house of the zodiac, it means that we need discipline around regular work, health and diet to prevent illness and we also need to develop skills to work with people so that we do not develop enmity with co-workers at work.  There can be too much self-deprecation and continual beating oneself up on the dark side or a continual focus on always wanting to do it better which can also become a  good quality.   Key words to remember are purity and improvement.

Virgo is an enemies sign because Mars is an active planet and does well by just “doing” and gets slowed down by thinking and being too strategic.  Watch out for an over-active mind, aggressive thinking, not being able to stop when attacking others verbally, impatience and combative relationships.

Mars and Mercury will be together in Virgo during the entire transit accept for 1 week in late September when Mercury goes into Libra.     Mars and Mercury are bitter enemies as Mars functions through action and Mercury through a logic. We will write about this later but it will depend on what rising sign you are with Scorpios, Virgos, Aries, and Geminis feeling the impact most.  With all Mercury/Mars combinations we have to curb our sharp tongue, avoid battles not worth fighting and be careful not to get caught in our head while being activity and lose our focus as accidents can result.  Hence if you get into an angry fight or debate, find away to leave it at home or in the workplace and not take into your head while you are driving.

Virgo is the natural 6th sign of the zodiac so it is a health and service sign and Mars can overcome the challenges of this transit through disciple, being of service and being a good co-worker and staying out of fights.  Still in the 6th sign of the zodiac and for Aries Rising, when afflicted, it can bring up more illness, wounds, cuts and fevers so stay on top of diet and health.  We always worry about the planet’s health with malefics transiting through Virgo and the Mars transit will probably lead to a spike in Delta but as Jupiter comes into Capricorn and aspects Virgo from Sept. 15-Nov. 20th, it will help the situation and more scientific discoveries and remedies may come to the rescue and we are seeing some good new developments out already.

Aries rising will have to do to be disciplined with health but can overcome problems with co-workers and other enemies. Scorpio rising also has to stay on top of these same issues but it is an 11th house transit from the ascendant and can support fulfillment of desires, friendship, increases in income but watch out for in-fighting with groups you may be a part of.


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Om Tat Sat.

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