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The world is still a bit in transition for a few more days. The Sun is in Sagittarius but moving into the Galactic Center which is about 4 degrees of Sagittarius.   In astronomy, this is also an area called the Galactic Center which is the center of the Milky Way galaxy and is located in Mula Nakshatra (Sagittarius 0-13.20) at about 3-4 degrees.  The world is also moving toward the Winter solstice  into Tuesday, Dec. 21st where the end of the darkness of the year is approaching.   This combination is like the bottom of the natural law cycle where unethical behavior and corruption are seeming to be triumphing \ many people around the world are forced into lock-downs ( a term used when prisoners riot in a penitentiary.  In some countries, they are starting to mandate mandatory vaccinations while social media groups like Twitter and Facebook will purge anyone who speaks out against this.

Things may feel other-worldly this week as we move into the center of the universe.

With the returning lock-downs in Europe  and the cold dark nights, pre-holiday depression can pop up.   Remember, the darkness has to happen before the dawn and we do sense that Dec. 21st is the first bottom and that the light will start emerging after Christmas.  We still worry about w Pluto in Capricorn for the next twenty years as Saturn/Pluto combination can continue to breed tyrants and dictators who want to control our freedoms. Saturn will be totally out of Capricorn in Jan. 2023 but Pluto is still connected with Saturn by sign.

Cultures around the world have celebrated the winter solstice  with music and meditation and rest.  The solstice is a time to rest and honor the changing electromagnetic energies and re-balancings of the planet. There is a kick of extra energy around the solstice and sometimes we think we can run that extra mile in the marathon or run to those last 2-3 stores.   Plan ahead this year.   Do not overdo it even if you are feeling pushed as this can lead to sickness and spoil the upcoming Christmas holiday and rebirth that comes with Christmas. Usually, people feel a lot of energy around the equinox and this has to stay balanced so rest and meditate a lot on Monday.

The Galactic Center, which is the center of the Milky Way is located at 3-4 degrees Sagittarius and is a powerful point which the Sun will hit on Dec. 19-20th.  For those of you not familiar with the galactic center, it is the heart of the Sun and the source of the gravitational energy present in our galaxy. In 1932, Karl Jansky, a Bell Telephone Laboratories engineer, was searching for the source of static affecting overseas telephone lines. To find the source he built the first 95 foot movable radio- telescope to detect it. Part of the static turned out to be created by the center of our Galaxy at 3 degrees of Sagittarius.  In the late 1960’s, astronomers finally honed in on the GC (Galactic Center) with radio and infrared instruments. They were astounded by the immense energies to be found there. A huge Black Hole is thought to be at the center, about the size of a large star, but containing the mass of four million suns. The staggering amount of material being drawn into the black hole radiates energy at many frequencies.

Lynn Koiner describing the energy of the Galactic Center says that it is the: ” sensitive and intuitive ray energy – it is sensitive to sound, color and vibration. It is not exactly sensitive like Neptune because the Galactic Center has an Uranus “feel” to it. When you experience a “hard” Uranus transit, it over-stimulates the Nadis and the nervous system so that you feel like your fingers are stuck in an electrical outlet.”

Many Western astrologers have noted that key transits over the Galactic Center can lead to whistleblowers coming out to bring the truth and we do see that with and the Sun are going over the Galactic Center on Dec. 19th-20th .

On the level of pure physics, there is a lot of extra electromagnetic energies that will hit your system this week and it may seem like something out of a science fiction movie as you move into hyper-drive so make sure that you take it easy, kick your feet up, take a warm bath, meditate and relax.  The world will seem like it is changing in a big way this week.

Prepare for a new rebirth within yourself as the light of the Christ child is ready to awaken within you by Christmas and begin a new season and a new year. Happy holidays. Plan ahead. Take it easy and enjoy this special time.


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