Focus on Saturn: Work and Responsibility and Avoid Complaining

Focus on Saturn: Work and Responsibility and Avoid Complaining

Saturn is very strong in the sign of Capricorn now until late April and the rule with Saturn transits is that
they get activated the last ten degrees of the sign at 20-30 degrees and that will be Jan 21-April 29 th.
Saturn is more of a problem when it is retrograde which is also later in the year. Still Saturn’s
depression, anxiety and trouble-making energy will get stirred up more later in the month.
Saturday is a good day for work, responsibility, and discipline around spiritual practice like doing your
yoga and exercise and meditation. Yet if Saturn is afflicted in your natal chart or in transit, there can be
a tendency toward laziness, lack of discipline, or complaining about work.
The tendency is to complain with Saturn. Often it is about work because Saturn governs work and it is
such a large part of our life. Chances are if there were no problems at work, you would not have a job.
Be grateful of the ever- constant series of problems at work. Some people do not have a job.
Saturn rejoices in hard work, responsibility and doing the job with a stoic attitude. Do not waste energy
complaining – most of us have to work and we have to decide whether to do it with joy or with an
attitude of an anvil sitting on our head.
No one enjoys listening to someone complain for hours and in fact it is exhausting for your own energy
and leads to hopelessness and frustration. It is very unconscious and we have to become conscious of
it otherwise we will wear out our friends and family members. What does it accomplish except
exhausting and draining you and others?
Grumbling is replaced easily by gratitude and Jupiter as an anecdote. When you go to bed at night,
write down or reflect on 5 good things that happened to you that day. Maybe someone smiled at you or
your child told you they loved you or your dog licked your face. There is always something wonderful.
The mind however, finds one bad thing and blows it up 100-fold and exaggerates it into a typhoon. Yes,
there are problems and they are real but we neglect basic things in our life. Do we have a nice home
that keeps us warm? The homeless do not. Do we have two eyes that can see the beauty of this world?
Some people are less fortunate. Do we have a loving partner? Many do not. Focus on what works in
your life and be happy and grateful. Catch yourself before you pour out your problems on some
undeserving friend for an hour.
Saturn is hard at work trying to make you miserable and focusing on the lack. Turn the energy to the
Divine and Jupiter and replace lack with gratitude, replace fault finding with praise. Do this exercise and
you will get through an intense period of Saturn and Saturday.

Part 2:
Saturn, Rahu, and Restlessness and Fear of The Future: Trust in The Divine

Saturn is always creating some anxiety and because of sign aspects to Pisces, Cancer and Libra, people
with their moon, sun or ascendant or another sensitive planet will feel it most until Saturn goes into
Aquarius in late Apri.

You are going to have to get used to it or drive yourself crazy with wanting to change jobs,
relationships, homes, routines. Change is good but will it really resolve the restless feelings inside?
Handle the restlessness with yoga, meditation, and diet and then evaluate more severe changes in the
light of common sense when the planets are strong and the mind is clear.
One my teachers used to remind me that wherever you go, there you are.
Which means that you think you will be happier if you move, change relationships or change jobs but if
you do not conquer the inner restlessness, you will never be happy. I had one friend who would go
through an expensive change move of cities in states 5 years in a row in search of peace, but it was
elusive. Conquer the inner demons and then see if those changes really will be for the better?
You can ground Saturn by being more in your body with walking, the chair pose in yoga, deep knee
bends, extra yoga, and slow exercise like Tai Chi. Avoid cold drinks and dry foods and favor sipping hot
water and slow down and eat hot unctuous meals. Exercise is grounding but slower is better and
running can be intense for many unless you have a kapha body or are Taurus rising and need heavy
exercise to get unstuck. If you are running a Saturn period or are ruled by Capricorn or Aquarius or are
Sagittarius rising, you may feel the impact more. It can get handled. The planets are your friends if you
heed their advice and do your work.
On a personal level, use the transits to transform your deep unconscious fears, which is what is coming
up heal. What are you afraid of? What are you avoiding dealing with? What can you do to get unstuck?


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