Mars rules Aries and Scorpio rising and they are starting an important new journey and transformation now.   Mars is getting  ready to leave Scorpio on Jan. 16th  and move into Sagittarius and moves

The end of Scorpio, 27-30 degrees is called the stinger tale and is in the gandanta which literally means drowning. Mars will transit this area in Scorpio  Jan. 12-16th    and this could bring out deep karmic patterns if you are ruled by Mars ie Scorpio rising or Aries rising. It  can be an intense time for transformation.

The end of Scorpio is about letting go of material  and getting read for spiritual transformation in the constellation of Mula.  It can be an intense psychological and emotional time.  The last degree, 29.12-29.59 is the most difficult part of the journey and it happens Jan. 15-16.  Here there are deep knots that need to be unraveled for spiritual growth to occur. This can be a place where maximum emotional churning can happen so watch Jan. 15th .   Stay on top of meditation and yoga here or you might feel very fragile.  There can be a sense of not being supported and this may be connected to siblings as Mars is the significator or karaka for sibling and particularly brothers.  Use this transit to work on deep transformational issues.

Mars moves into Sagittarius on Jan/ 16th   and is in the Sag. gandanta  until Jan. 20th.  It is stronger here in the Aries pada (0-3.20 Sagittarius)  so  has the courage here to to through spiritual pain and do the deep spiritual transformation here.

The constellation of Mula is deeply karmic and can bring about deep suffering if those ruled by Mars are unable to break away from the material bonds and move toward spiritual awakening and Mars stays there until Feb. 3rd.  .  Hence the next three   weeks of late January and early Feb l Mars gets into Purva Shadha (Sag. 13.20-26.40) of Feb. 4th . For Aries and Scorpio. this period  require great transformation. Time to take a retreat and do a meditation course or suffer deep emotional pangs and psychological grunge.    It can be a time for breakthroughs and Divine support ibut Jupiter is 3 signs away and not providing any.  Still Mars in Sagittarius has no malefic aspects and only Venus retrograding toward Mars may cause some relationship issues or deep passions and desires that have to be harnessed.

We always have to watch seething anger and the potential for anger and terrorism with Mars/Ketu connections and Mars in Mula nakshatra Jan. 16-Feb. 4th will create this connection.



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