Ketu in Vishakha (Scorpio 3.20-Libra 20) Feb. 8, 2022-Oct 18 2022.


Vishakha nakshatra is a constellation that bridges Libra and Scorpio and is the gateway nakshatra from leaving the material and sensual energies of Libra and moving into the spritusl  energies of Scorpio. \  It is connected to the deities of Agni and Indra .  Agni has the ability to do herculean talks to achieve its goals with great fiery energy and courage. Indra provides leadership but may create danger for those around one but may act cowardly at the first sign of danger.  People born with this constellation are often seeking a bit of power and status and position.    The constellation has a very dual nature since it is ruled by Jupiter who has a strong humanitarian interest in service but can sometimes devolve into selfish energies of wanting more wealth which the Libra energies can sometimes activate.

The constellation can be very fixed on religious beliefs due to the Jupiter’d connection and the key is always to realize that all paths lead to God and not get obsessed with your religious zealous energies.  Prash Trivedi notes that the English  word ‘fixation’ can best describe the essence of Vishakha which is marked by concentration and single mindedness, although it can be affected by the nature of the goal it pursues. When the darker energies come out, \ it can lead to getting caught up in  vices and people born in this constellation call easily fall  prey to alcohol, drugs and sex.  In the Libra side, there  may be a a great love parties but this may lead to a sense of emptiness in their lives which ideally should lead to searching for deeper spiritual meaning.  Hence the constellation should be a gateway from the material to the spiritual worlds.

Ketu entered Vishakha on Feb. 8th in the mean node system  and retrogrades through the Scorpio section of Pada 4 though April 12th and then it moves into Libra.  The first part of the transit in Scorpio will promote more selfless service and letting go of the material but the Libra section may lead to more selfish clinging to fulfillment of one’s desires.

Vishakha is a great constellation of manifestation of one’s desires but Ketu wants us to find Moksha and may trick and delay the fulfillment of our desires particularly  if they are more self-centered and not  in coordination with Jupiter’s humanitarian nature.   The key will be to let plant a seed and let go. If you keep digging up the seed to see if has sprouted yet,  it will be destroyed. Trust that God will grant your desire if it is pure and if you let it go.

Ketu and Rahu always are connected to technology and Vishakha can help manifest new inventions, softwares and technological wonders so if you are engineering, use this time to dive deep and congnize the abstract laws of nature to create new wonders.    Technology stocks should finally come back from their swoon by the time Ketu goes into Libra around April 12th (mean node).  We think Jupiter in Pisces will help the stock market come back life.  In past transits of Ketu in Libra we have had the birth of Polaroid cameras, Nintendo. Ketu in Libra can breed escapism and Jupiter in Pisces after April 15th will augment that so watch for new video games and virtual realities to take us beyond the fears of the world blowing up.

In terms of Mundane astrology, Ketu in Libra has brought it’s share of catastrophes as in the case of the Chernobyl nuclear leak on April 26, 1986 and the destruction of the spaceship Challenger blew up one lift-off on Jan 28, 1986 when Ketu was in Swati Nakshatra.  It seems like Swati Nakshatra (Libra 20.00-6.40) which is ruled by Rahu  hits Oct. 2022-July 2023 is more difficult for the world.

So enjoy the first part of Ketu in Vishakha for new spiritual awakenings and practices and then move more into spiritual community as the Libra section will increase the desire for being in  spiritual groups. With Covid coming into an end and warmer weather coming to the Northern Hemisphere, it will be time to go back to church, rejoin your spiritual satsangs and reawaken your spiritual service activities.

Special thanks to  Komilla Sutton, Prash Trivedi and Ksanati and Eve Mendoza for their insights.

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