Mars takes two years to go through the zodiac and is returning to Capricorn, its place of exaltation where it has its most power.   Mars moved into the last section of Sagittarius this morning and is getting ready for moving into Capricorn on Feb. 26th .   The end of Sagittarius is particularly powerful because Pada 4 has extra strength being Pushkara for added creativity and gusto and it is vargottama where it gains power for completion of the soul’s purpose.   Still Mars is in a planetary war until March 12th and that will not help its power.

Mars stays in the powerful constellation of Uttarashada (Sag. 26.40-Capricorn 10.00) until  March 11th.  This constellation is good for leadership and thinking of the collective whole of society and many great leaders have had prominent planets in this constellation like Barak Obama, Modi, Indira Ghandi. Let’s hope the energy of this constellation will allow the world to work soundly through its tensions.

Exalted malefics become more powerful to do harm for certain rising signs so Capricorn rising may have more health issue related to too much fire or pitta and this may also impact Cancers and Leos because of the aspects.  Virgo moons and rising signs may have challenges with children and investments and romance. Libras have to watch out for automotive or home accidents and Taurus will have to be careful with foreign travel and issues with father.  Gemini rising or moon will have a difficult 8th house transit which may trigger marital separation, disputes around income, difficult health issues.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn which is good for high energy, dynamic action, power in competition and military might.   Action is quick and effective; stamina and higher energy are there for major tasks. Hard work will bring fruits and Martian charm can lead to landing key deals. Technical savvy will prosper. For moveable signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, this creates a Ruchaka Yoga and brings out Mars highest qualities.

The problem is that later in the transit, Mars is conjunct Saturn on April 5th at 28 degrees Capricorn, the exact exaltation point of Mars. By late March, it will feel the tension as it approaches Saturn.   Mars is a warrior and can find its power in Capricorn as a good prisoner in an enemy’s sign can dig for the deepest energies to overcome challenges.  It will be more frustrated and indecisive in early April as it gets closer to Saturn but it will also find the energy to move through the intensity.

Mars in Capricorn for most of March will have higher energy so you can get away with doing 3 times as much work and have the energy and Aries and Scorpio will benefit most but Capricorn will enjoy also.   Exalted planets have too much gun and power and tend to blow over people with their force.  Make sure to tone down your power as some people will not be able to handle it.

Remember transits are only 20% of prediction so it is always in context to your dasha cycles.  If you are running a Mars period or sub-period, you will be impacted more by the transit.

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