Remedies for House Issues: The Secret is in The Karaka

Remedies for House Issues: The Secret is in The Karaka


The houses have natural planets called karakas that are the keys to each house and those significations are often the remedies to the situation. Some houses have more than one significator.


  • The First House: The Sun is the natural significator and the karaka for health.
  • The Second House: Jupiter for family and wealth.
  • The Third House: Mars for competition and brothers.
  • The Fourth House: Moon is the central karaka for happiness and mother and Venus is secondary for vehicles.
  • The Fifth House: Jupiter for children and spiritual wisdom.
  • The Sixth House: Mars for enemies and Saturn for illness and debt.
  • The Seventh House: Venus for female spouse or Jupiter for male spouse.
  • The Eighth House: Saturn for longevity.
  • The Ninth House: Jupiter for Guru and Sun for father.
  • The Tenth House: Sun for status/fame; Mercury for profession.
  • The Eleventh House: Jupiter for gains and elder brothers.
  • The Twelfth House: Ketu for Moksha; Saturn for suffering.


Usually,malefics in the houses (even 3, 6, 8, and 12) or malefic associations with the ruler of the house will cause problems or malefic associations with the karaka. Obviously, consult a professional astrologer for more specifics.


I Often favor behavioral remedies that are symbolically connected to the nature of the houses involved. Here are some ideas if you have trouble with the issues outlined in the house articles section. Remember the things that are hard to do are the things you are here on the planet to master. Your talents are the gifts that you give to others and are not there to gratify your ego while your problems and challenges invite you to step off a cliff and do things that are difficult for you.


Be brave. You are strong enough to master them.


Remedies for the First House: Stay on top of your health by studying Ayurveda and nutrition. Get more exercise and take a yoga class. Get out there in front of an audience and be seen by joining Toastmasters or getting into a play. Do positive self-talk in the mirror to yourself, praising yourself and all your good qualities before you go to bed at night so it sinks into your subconscious before you go to bed.


Remedies for the Second House: The second is about storage and connected to Jupiter and fat. If you are having family problems, issues with food and substance abuse, or difficulty saving money you have to bring in Jupiter. Find a way to save money every week, no matter how small the amount. Open up 3 major savings accounts: one for retirement, one for 6 months of emergencies, and one for mad money to save at the end of the month. Find a way to pay your savings accounts first before you pay any bills or debts.


Seek family counseling or get involved in Hellinger Family constellations or do work on ancestral clearing. Pick up Geneen Roth’s Book, When Food Is Love, to get in touch with how eating patterns are connected to family emotions.


Remedies for the Third House: Behaviors need to be balanced out in a positive way. If you have sibling competition issues, you have to confront them and go into group counseling to resolve them. If you lack the courage (benefics in the 3rd like Jupiter and Venus), you may need to get into competitive team sports, take up martial arts or go on adventure expeditions. Remember the things that are difficult to do are the things you need to do. Get into debate classes or clubs and work out your aggression in a positive and constructive manner.


Remedies for the Fourth House: Happiness and healing issues with mother are key. If your mother is still alive, then spend time with her, nurture her and take care of her. Practice forgiveness exercises like Honoponopono – “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” Clean your house, throw out clutter, beautify, repair, and honor it. Add a security system to increase safety. Practice cooking in the home and nurture others with your loving cooking.


Remedies for the Fifth House: The fifth house is connected to our enthusiasm and that which we enjoy most to do in life.


We have to find a way to expand our joy and support Jupiter. Put malefics like Saturn and Ketu here and the joy of life is squelched. Find your passion and make a commitment to do it. Jupiter likes to expand and be joyful. Take up theatre or dancing; get some spiritual initiations into mantra meditation; play with children or create some. Find a way to let your passion flow.


Remedies for the Sixth House: The sixth requires that we find discipline (Saturn) and find time to exercise (Mars) in order to overcome problems with health and diet. It’s not easy and Saturn and Mars are not fun planets by nature but routine, diet, and exercise are important to prevent health problems. Study Ayurveda and nutrition. Find a fun exercise that takes the routine out of the treadmill.


The sixth house also requires us to have a healthy attitude about everyday work and routine. If you hate your job then you need to go out and find something new but job dissatisfaction may be innate to a pattern in your chart which means you have to find the discipline to accept the daily routine of going to work. Change your attitude. Make a list of the things you like at work and be grateful for them and shake hands with the things at work that make you miserable. Can you accept them and go to work with more joy in your heart rather than grumbling? Talk to your supervisor and see if they can find some new things for you to do.


Remedies for the Seventh House: Get into relationship counseling. Learn skills about listening and learning to listen to your spouse rather than talking over them. Study Non-Violent Communication by Martin Rosenberg so that you can learn to actively listen to your partner and kindly communicate back to them. Learn to say “yes” in relationships when your partner wants to do something so you can do something together. Take an art class together, take in dances and concerts together, and do massage with each other to connect by touch.


Remedies for the Eighth House: The 8th house is mystical and beckons you to get initiated into meditation and spiritual practice that can help transcend some of the harsh karma that the 8th house can deliver. Take up transformational work that allows deep healing for your soul to discover and transform your deepest issues.


Remedies for the Ninth House: Go on a spiritual pilgrimage to a foreign country or take a meditation retreat. Visit a temple or church for spiritual renewal. Spend more time with your father or heal issues around him if he has passed away. Write a book.


Remedies for the Tenth House: Make sure you are seen and acknowledged at work by going the extra mile in all that you do. Reach out with leadership, support, and acknowledge your co-workers. Praise and work with them in the trenches and it will come back to you. Search for a new job. Take your leadership into community service so you are recognized.


Remedies for the Eleventh House: Join groups and humanity and service work to help others. Find ways to increase your income by getting a second job or starting your own small business on the side. Make a new friend every week and reach out to your own friends to network and share.


Remedies for the Twelfth House: Take a meditation retreat, or visit an ashram or a foreign country. Do service work without the expectation of any acknowledgment. Donate to your favorite charities. Surrender when things seem beyond your control and pray to the source of your Divinity. In that surrender, the answers come.



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