The Discipline and Dynamics of the 6th House: Rising Above the Challenges of Health and Co-Worker

The Discipline and Dynamics of the 6th House: Rising Above the Challenges of Health and Co-Workers

The 6th house is a house of enemies, disease, litigation, digestive power, and everyday work. From the 5th house, we learned about expressing our feelings and concepts to others. In the 6th house, we have to learn how to work with our enemies and even defeat others and their responses to us.


The 6th house is a house of karmic difficulties that express themselves through enemies, debts, struggles, and challenges toward serving others in life. It represents the drudgery of going to work every day and having the discipline to do it. The key to the 6th house is the ability to overcome our obstacles and have the courage to fight. Of the three most challenging houses of the 6th, 8th, and 12th, the 6th house is the least problematic to deal with if we are disciplined and will practice overcoming bad habits and vices.


Psychologically and emotionally, the challenges of the 6th house teach us to:

  • Accept with steady endurance and patience while maintaining a stoic attitude.
  • Honoring the discipline and dignity of daily work.
  • Disciplining ourselves to do regular exercise and eat nutritious food in moderation with diet.
  • Healing crises can be subdued through regular nourishment and adequate exercise while learning to control cravings.

Most astrologers talk about the 6th house in terms of health. If your rising sign and its owner are stronger than the 6th house, and your Sun and Mars are well placed, you will have more ability to deal with the challenges of this house. The ruler of the 6th house will be the carrier of disease in your body. So, if the 6th house is Aries and owned by Mars then you may be subject to more Martian health problems which are fire orientated creating problems with blood and adrenals etc. If a strong, unafflicted, benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus tenants the 6th house, it will support our health but if afflicted, it may create health issues related to that planet. Hence, if a weak Jupiter is connected to the 6th house, it may cause allergies and liver ailments. If a weak Venus is there, it may create reproductive problems or problems with STDs.


Afflicted planets or weak planets conjunct the 6th house ruler or in the 6th house may create health challenges as follows:


  • Sun: Heat allergies, blood pressure, heart problems.
  • Moon: Diabetes, emotional and mental problems, stomach disorders.
  • Mars: Fevers, muscular problems, skin breakouts, hernia, piles.
  • Mercury: Nervous problems, asthma, bronchitis, pains in arms.
  • Venus: Blood sugars, diabetes, weak kidneys, sexual diseases, eye disorders.
  • Jupiter: Liver, feet, lymphatic, diabetes.
  • Saturn: Anxiety, strokes, long-term problems.
  • Rahu: Fear, poisoning, phobias.
  • Ketu: Itching problems; mental illness; difficult to diagnose health problems.


In the end, the secret of the 6th house is discipline. Mars, the karaka or signifier of this house, requires disciple, and Saturn, the secondary ruler, also likes regular routine. Are the planets strong enough in their connection to the 6th house to allow us to do our exercise regularly, eat properly, do our yoga regularly, and not eat that extra piece of cheesecake? If we can find the courage to be disciplined then the challenges of the 6th house can be overcome.


If we get diagnosed with health issues connected to the 6th house, we can get through them if we do what our health practitioner suggests such as get fresh air and regular exercise while being disciplined about diet. If we have weak planets afflicting the 6th house, then we may be lazy and self-indulgent so the problems will continue.


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