At various times of the year, planets in the sky may fall behind the Sun and may not be visible due to the blinding energies of the Sun. This is called combustion.This fall we have:

Mercury combust direct motion : July 4-July 29th;  Oct 18-Dec 4th.

Venus combust : Sept 14-Dec 1st 2022

Jupiter combust  March 27, 2023-Apri 26, 2023

Saturn Combust:  Jan. 30, 2023-March 5, 2023

This is one of the more difficult events in Vedic astrology particularly when this happens within 2-3 degrees as the significations of the planet are destroyed and the darker energies of the combust planet may arise. If you were born with planetary combustion then when it happens in transit, it is particularly activated. Still, if the combust planet is the ruler of your chart, you will always feel a strong impact from the combustion in transit particularly when it is within 2 – 3 degrees. As always there are so many combinations and exceptions. In natal charts, less than 10 degrees is usually a problem but any planet within 1 – 4 degrees is particularly damaged. Planet within .40 minutes of the Sun are however raised in stature by being blessed by the Divine rays of the Sun.  Combustion may spiritualize planets but destroy material significations in general.  Mercury and Venus retrograde and combust are not a problem at all except maybe within a few degrees.

However, there are a few parameters for natal charts that are known as saving factors for the planet. Sometimes a planet can perform very well in the horoscope if there are other ameliorating factors.

These include:

  •    If combust, a planet is occupying its own or exaltation sign in the horoscope.
  • If combust planet is getting a strong benefic aspect from Jupiter, Mercury or Venus. That is the case now with Mercury/Sun/Venus in Libra.
  • If combust planet is sitting in the house where it gets directional strength like Mercury and Jupiter in the 1st house, Moon and Venus in the 4th house, Saturn in the 7th house and Mars and Sun in the 10th house. This will vary with your natal chart.
  • If combust planet is exalted and well placed in divisional charts (Especially in D-9 & D-60).
  • If combust planet is retrograding in horoscope which is the case with Venus combust this year.

VENUS COMBUSTION:  Venus is considered combust when it is in forward motion within 8-10 degrees of the Sun.  It can raise jealousy issues so remember to praise and appreciate others at this time, help them, applaud their success and good fortune. This conjunction can also lead to manipulative energy in relationships, cause annoyances, friction and problems so remember to accept people with all their imperfections or you will likely be seething with anger. The best outlet for Venus frustrated energy during combustion periods would be to do some wild dancing, take a craft class, sing loudly with the radio turned up or go on a wild shopping spree or create a massive artistic dinner with friends that you are not likely to get into fights with.

Mercury Combustion: Can create a very busy, buzzy, and frustrated mind with some agitation. When Mercury is beneficially supported by the Sun in Cazimi it can create deep analytical abilities, shrewd business practices and good financial planning so maybe a good day for bookkeeping but as the strength of the Mercury wanes away when combust (check transit combustion dates), one will have to manage money more carefully and make sure that ethics return to business. Mercury transits are quick.  Retrograde Mercury combustion is not much of a problem except within a few degrees in transit. Find time for meditation and ways to quiet the mind.  The cobra pose and the shoulder stand in yoga can quiet the mind a bit and balance Mercury. Be patient with angry communication from others and technology problems and know that it will lift. Retrograde Mercury combustion is probably about 75% less difficult and can be discounted.

Jupiter Combustion: Can burn up its significations so things like the liver, which is ruled by Jupiter, may have more problems functioning. Jupiter rules optimism and judgment and when it gets too close to the Sun, it can be falsely optimistic about something or be too critical or judgmental. Be realistic and check your facts careful and lighten up on people if you are feeling heavy. The exact conjunction of Sun and Jupiter can be really powerful as the Sun will take on all of Jupiter’s energy and feel uplifted by generosity, confidence and expansion.

Avoid heavy and oily foods — especially at night — which are hard to metabolize and use liver tonics and lemon in water in the morning to tonify the liver. This is a good time for Panchakarma at the Ayurveda clinic or a simple diet of rice and dahl to give your liver a rest. So, stay on top of liver health and check your facts carefully and avoid false optimism so that you will not get disappointed.

MARS COMBUSTION: Mars does not become as vulnerable to combustion because fire does not extinguish fire.  Still depending on the sign and other aspects and other planets involved, it can increase volatility and blow out Mars with too much fire power. In Cancer, it can create exhaustion.

SATURN COMBUSTION: Can bring out the darker qualities of Saturn. In the early stages, it may promote hard work, efficiency, clarity, and reliability at work but as it gets closer to the Sun, it can make work intense, cause problems between bosses and co-workers, mistreatment by employers and resistance to authority. On an emotional level, it can hurt confidence and bring on depression. In Ayurveda, Sun/Saturn combinations if in your natal chart in the 4th, 5th, 10th, or 11th houses, may raise blood pressure and if severely afflicted can lead to heart problems so go easier with exercise and avoid stressful conditions that may affect your heart. This might impact Virgos, Leos, Pisces, and Aquarius rising or Sun signs more. Go easier if you have heart or high blood pressure problems and visit your doctor to monitor it if it seems to be acting up. Sun also rules health for everyone and I notice the Saturn affliction can hurt the immune system which is also why a lot of flu seems to break out with this combustion combination. Products like colostrum can enhance your immune system. Get plenty of rest and keep your immune system strong by cutting down on sugar.

If you are born with the Sun very close to Saturn in your natal chart within a few degrees, this signature could lead to over-responsibility and taking on too much work and this could stress your heart and circulatory system so lighten up if you start pushing yourself. If you are running a Sun/Saturn period or a Saturn/Sun period and have a tight signature in your natal chart, this transit may be most difficult. Saturn cuts off the energy of the Sun and restricts its ability to shine so you may feel lonely, cut-off, or inclined to break relationships or quit work because of a conflict with a supervisor.  This can lead to depression. The anecdote for Saturn is always Venus so women, relationships, singing, food, music, and dance all help lighten Saturn so avoid isolation.

This is a time to be disciplined about your meditation practice and yoga and other spiritual practices because these lighten the burden and give us more strength to deal with everything. The tendency is to skip that which is good for us when we are challenged but that’s like taking off a winter coat when it’s below zero.

Donate time and money to help those in need. This is one way to address karma and by getting out of our own issues, we feel better and move through our own karma.

Be disciplined with diet and exercise. The tendency is to use food to cover up difficult emotions or skip exercise because we feel tired or lazy. So many illnesses (6th house) can be overcome if we are disciplined doing what is good for us.

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